DIY Coraline Halloween Costume (No-Sew)

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DIY Coraline Halloween Costume – Are you looking for a Coraline Costume for Halloween or Cosplay? This year I didn’t sew a Halloween costume for Sammie, we just hadn’t planned any Halloween ideas.

We put together this DIY Coraline Halloween Costume (no-sew). We actually made two last-minute costumes and thought we’d share these easy no-sew Coraline costume ideas. Usually, we have it planned out months in advance but, this year, nope.

Stay tuned for her other costume, and all our posts by subscribing. I love that she always picks out such unique costumes, most are easy, and they are always fun costume ideas to make.

Coraline Halloween Costume

Coraline Costume DIY and Makeup See how to make this easy last minute costume for Halloween or Cosplay. Find out more at DearCreatives.comShe loves having more than one costume for Halloween, as the high school puts on a Halloween dance. This is the costume she is actually wearing on Halloween night. 

DIY Coraline Costume

Most of the pieces you can get for this costume are on Amazon Prime. This means you can get free 2-day shipping, making it perfect for putting together your last-minute costumes. 

What do you need for a Coraline Costume?
Coraline Halloween Costume Idea, this can be an easy last minute Halloween costume or for CosPlay. This is a no sew Coraline Costume DIY, with resources for making your own costume.


How to make a Coraline Costume

You’ll need these pieces for creating the Coraline Halloween Costume

We think this is the best Coraline Costume and the easiest Coraline costume we made. Bonus it is super cute! I’m sure you can find many of the items at the thrift shop or in your closets. The makeup recommendations are below. The red/white top comes with options for a red or white collar. Either will work. Optionally you can use a blue top with stars, which Coraline also wears. 

The key pieces for the costume are the yellow raincoat, blue wig, and chauffeur hat. Paired together with blue jeans, a striped top, and yellow rain boots.

Coraline Costume Ideas


Coraline Costume No Sew Idea

I updated her photo from this cell pic. But, she’s too busy with tests for a full photoshoot. I caught her fooling around, sharing her costume with friends after getting her blue wig in the mail. It came super quick, and is the perfect blue! I’ll update these photos later.

I know she’s going to be mad at me for sharing this. Oh, well. That isn’t the shirt she’s wearing under the jacket. She has a striped tee, but if it’s cold out she might opt for the striped sweater.

Coraline hair, hat, and makeup for an easy Coraline Costume. See full DIY at DearCreatives.com

I’m sharing a few more photos on my Instagram like this one. Hop over to follow me. I share more behind the scene and nature stuff. This is a great teen Halloween costume! 

We picked items that she can wear again or had, paired with what we bought. The items that we picked out, and received are affordable and are great quality. We hope that it helps you if you are looking for last-minute Halloween costume ideas. And the Coraline costume can be put together for Cosplay too.

For Coraline Cosplay use the makeup tutorials later in the post, this will help give you the perfect Coraline look. 

Coraline Outfit

Coraline Costume DIY Easy last minute costume. See full costume DIY at DearCreatives.com

If you live somewhere sunny you might prefer wearing yellow socks, with these yellow sandals. This is what she is doing. They are items you can use more often after Halloween. Plus, she had to dance in her costume, and thought rubber boots wouldn’t work for dancing. Complete the Coraline outfit with a Coraline necklace and butterfly hairclip

Coraline no sew costume ideas, see the full outfit, and our picks to make the Best Coraline Costume! DearCreatives.com

You can find all the items for younger kids too, we sourced a few of the items for kids Coraline Costumes, to save you a bit of time. Kids will love this Coraline necklace and black cat

Another easy Coraline Costume idea is this Coraline Costume Witch set (cape with Coraline on it, and witch hat).

Coraline Makeup

Close up of Coraline Makeup for Coraline Costume DIY see full tutorial at DearCreatives.com

We spotted this cute Coraline makeup idea (below), and others which is how we got the idea for her Coraline makeup.

How to Apply Coraline Makeup

We also sourced a few great makeup tutorials if you need help applying makeup to complete your Coraline costume. 

Coraline Makeup Tutorials

Coraline makeup, book, and doll

Makeup idea for Coraline Costume via Sherry Bemis Flickr

Coraline Halloween Makeup Video Tutorials



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What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

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