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Evil Queen Costume Sewn With McCalls #Costume Pattern Part 2

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Evil Queen Costume (part 2) – Today I’m sharing part two of the Gothic evil queen’s coat, Caplette, and costume. This is the back side of the Evil Queen Costume sewn with McCall’s costume sewing pattern. In case you missed yesterday’s post you can see it here: Part 1 post. Looking for other costumes? See all our Halloween Ideas

Picking up from yesterday. Once the top of the costume was made the skirt (or Caplette) goes really quickly. You sew two pieces together to make the skirt. And then turn and hem edges. You attach that to the top of the jacket. It’s all straight sewing and goes very fast! See all our sewing projects and easy sewing projects here (Sewing). 

  • NOTE: Once the top was sewn I hemmed it, added the cuffs, and turned under the area at the top front so there were no raw edges. Prior to completing the construction of the skirt (base of the Capelette) and attaching it.

Evil Queen Costume

Sewing Pattern

Back of the Evil Queen Costume sewn with McCalls Sewing Pattern M6818

Sewing Pattern Evil Queen Costume and tips for sewing your own. View Back of entire Evil Queen costume_

Next, I had to sew the bottom which is called the skirt. It goes from the sides all the way around the back. Very easy straight sewing and it goes super quick. Then I sewed the raw edges with a hem since I wasn’t lining the materials. After it was all hemmed I attached it to the top after pinning and fitting it to Sammie while she had it on, making adjustments as needed. Then straight stitched it to the top laying it underneath.

I made quite a few changes to the sewing pattern but, either way, you can probably get this pattern done in a few days or about 9 hours of sewing time.

Sewing Pattern Evil Queen-close up of the back of the costume sewn- with tips on how to sew your own costume

Changes I made to this McCall’s sewing pattern

  1. Not lined
  2. Changed collar and cuffs design
  3. Added two panels to the side back bodice
  4. Shortened the cape a bit

Why did the cape get shortened?

This was because the fabric was 44 inches wide vs. 60+ inches of fabric width. You wouldn’t think that would make a big difference but, it does!

  1. Buy extra fabric if your width does not match the pattern’s width recommended size for the layout of the pattern!
  2. We also needed a little fabric for the back pieces I added to expand the width of the costume. Note: we don’t live anywhere near a fabric store or the store we got our fabric at.
  3. When you are sewing the pattern make sure of body measurements. Go a size up if needed, it’s easy to pin and sew smaller vs adding to a pattern for sizing.
  4. Sewing pattern sizes and retail clothes sizes are very different! Sammie is a size 6 and we used a size 12 for this Gothic Evil Queen Costume. 

The hardest part of the sewing pattern is attaching and sewing the sleeves. Plus, dealing with the sizing issue. This was due to her different sizes, broad shoulders tiny waist, and shorter height. But, if you have sewn for a while this Evil Queen sewing pattern can be tackled with ample time set aside.

The pattern is a lot of straight stitch sewing. The pattern has no darts. This is due to how the bodice is pieced.

I will share photos when I’ve added the front eye hook closures, the buttons for the cuffs, hemmed the cape, and added the clasp. I’m hoping for a run-through in advance with hair and makeup too. Stay tuned! I’ll share the costume on Sammie hopefully with our makeup run-through. PS. We are remodeling our house so excuse the wonky cabinets in the photos! More about that later.

What type of costumes have you sewn before?

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