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DIY Candle Making + DIY Candle Making Kit

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DIY Candle Making – I decided to try making candles. Have you ever wanted to try candle making? First, I got my supplies after searching online and planned the day to do it with my grandkids. When looking for supplies, I decided the best way to do this was to get a candle-making kit!

I purchased these supplies on my own to try them out. I thought I would share how we enjoyed using the craft products and hope it helps you decide to try crafts you normally might not try. It’s perfect for a family activity or even for gifting. There is a short video in the post. It includes the unboxing, process, and all the candles we made (so far).

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DIY Candle Making

DIY Candle Making - The Easiest Way To Make Candles at home - Find out more! DearCreatives.com

How To Make Candles?

Use a DIY candle kit to learn how! It’s way easier than you think! The candle-making kit included all the supplies we needed to make 7 candles. Detailed instructions with images. And it included pretty jars and tins for the candles (including lids and labels/stickers). Soy candle wax, wicks, thermometer, melting pot, candle dye, scents, and dried flowers… Looking for something else to make? Use our drop-down menu and visit all our craft ideas.

DIY Candles

DIY Candles - Have you ever wanted to try making candles? This is perfect for anyone, even a beginner! Making candles at home is a fun and easy craft to try. The results are beautiful scented candles with dried flowers! Find out more at DearCreatives.com

Candle Making Kit

What is great about this is all the candle-making supplies you need are in the kit. Additional things you will need are a stove, pot or pan for water, and hot pads. See the video at the end of the post with the unboxing and process of making candles…

The kit includes several colors of glass jars and tins. You can add the labels that come with them or make your own, or opt. for no labels. We did all three!

It is a great way to try candle-making without having to buy supplies separately. Do you enjoy making and crafting candles? Or are you a newbie too?

Additional DIY candle-making supplies you might like to get are

This is the easiest way to make candles at home. Pretty scented candles with flowers. DIY candle making - Find out more at DearCreatives.com

Tips For Making Candles With Kids, Preteens, and Teens

  1. Have a teen (15+) or adult to help you if using this as a family activity.
  2. Talk to the kids and let them know melted wax is hot. And you will only let one child at a time come to make their candle. We made them in the kitchen. The others watched a video until their turn.
  3. Do let them add the candle wicks to the jar or container prior to pouring the wax.
  4. Keep them a safe distance from melting wax. Especially when you are pouring the wax.
  5. Don’t have them pour the melted candle wax.
  6. Let them add the scent to the melted wax with the scent tool.
  7. After pouring the wax, let them add the dried flowers. Make sure they decide on what dried flowers are before starting the process.
  8. Do not move the candle until it has cooled slightly. I put each on a paper towel and used tongs with rubber tips. NOTE: If your candle is filled to the top don’t move until cooled.
  9. When the candles are cooled move them to a sheet pan or other surface to finish hardening. It will take up to 24 hours. After the candles harden quite a bit, add extra dried flowers to the tops (as needed0.
  10. Repeat the process with additional kids.

I don’t recommend doing this with children under 7-8 years old. Having two people makes this candle craft really easy to do with kids!

If you are an adult you don’t need an additional person. Just follow the directions that come in the package.

Easy way to make candles at home - If you have ever wanted to make candles but, don't know where to begin this post will help you! DIY candle making. Use this as a craft activity or family activity. Find out more at DearCreatives.com

Now that you have your candle light it in a safe place and enjoy its lovely scent.

My review

DIY Candle Making Kit Review - We tried using the Soft Owl Candle Making Kit - Unboxing, video and process....DIY candles - DearCreatives.com

Soft Owl Candle-Making Kit Review

  • Comes with everything you need in the kit!
  • You will need a stove, pot or pan, and hot pads.
  • The instructions were easy to follow and have images.
  • Includes preprinted stickers for an additional touch. We opted not to add to all of them. They were easy to add to the candles (and adjusted if the kids needed to move them slightly).
  • They state it’s a great family activity! We agree!
  • You don’t have to be an expert to make stunning candles. We agree!
  • The scents are lovely. Our favorites were lilac, lavender, rose, and sandalwood. It comes with more!
  • The soy candle-making kit is for adults. And would make an amazing and thoughtful gift. Use it as a gift idea for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, thank-you gifts, and anniversaries. Or a creative present. We agree!
  • This would make a great gift idea, craft, or project for anyone who enjoys crafts, DIY, and making things!
  • Would I purchase this kit again? As a gift yes! Now, I only need to add to my supplies. I would repurchase it if I hadn’t already!
  • Who is this kit good for? Adults. Older kids, preteens, and teens with adult supervision.
  • View the short video to see how cool it is!

Did you use all the supplies included in the kit? No

There were leftover supplies. Such as dye, essential oils… I purchased extra soy wax and dried flowers to make candles with my empty candle jars and recycled jars.

I highly recommend this candle-making kit! We had so much fun. The kids gifted their mom the candles they made after adding the stickers to them. She was so impressed by their candles. And stated now she wants to make candles too! I might have to gift her a kit for Mother’s Day!

Unboxing and Video of Making Candles

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Have you ever tried to make candles? What types of crafts do you like to make?

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