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Harry Potter Board Games – Perfect for Family Night!

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Today we have Harry Potter board games perfect for the Harry Potter Heads in your house. Are you a Harry Potter fan? We are! These are fun board games, with a little bit of wand waving, magical beasts and a race to capture beasts…

Wands to the ready, we think you will love these games too! 

We have always had family game nights at our house. Our biggest game nights are when the family gets together. Now, Sammie is old enough to have teen game nights. The teens alternate between houses for game night. She even had board games and video games as part of her 16th birthday party. The games we are sharing would be great for a Harry Potter birthday party for activities. Or a gift for the Harry Potter fan. 

For the younger kids board games are not only fun it teaches kids skills. Think learning to wait, taking turns, how to lose, fairness. Once the kids are big enough they can play games with siblings or friends. Most of all we are into game nights’ for the fun

  • We know you are going to like these games as we received free PR samples to try out and play ourselves. (via Pressman) 

The Best Harry Potter Games

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Harry Potter Magical Beasts Board Game

Harry Potter Magical Beasts Board Game for ages 8 and up

What ages is this game for? 

Age 8+ 

How many players?

2-4 players

The object of the game

Race to capture one of 6 beasts

How to Play Harry Potter Magical Beasts

The second game is for the younger kids and is made much like the original Trouble game (popomatic) a family favorite to play with young kids. But, unlike the classic Trouble game, there are Maze Cards. If you land on a maze card space you pick up a card and follow the directions. 

TriWizard Maze Board Game

Harry Potter Triwizard Maze Board Game by Pressman

What age is this game for?


The object of the game?

Be the first to get all of your movers into your home space.

How to Play the TriWizard Maze Game


Where to find Pressman board games? One of our favorite places is Amazon. (Harry Potter Magical Beasts) (Triwizard Maze Game)

  • As with all games, the age recommendations are just that. If playing with kids sometimes the younger kids love sitting on your lap and moving the pieces. The Triwizard Maze game would be perfect for that. 

What Harry Potter Board games do you love? 

You can also find them at Target, Walmart, and Kohls. 

Are you looking for more kids’ activities? Or fun stuff to do with the kids? 


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