Father’s Day Coupons Printables (3-pages plus template)

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Father’s Day Coupons Printables– Download the files and print these coupons for Dad. The Coupon booklet has a cover page, coupons from mom, coupons from kids (or child), and a template to make coupons.

Father’s Day Printable Coupons

Father's Day Coupons Printable Bundle -Give Dad this memorable gift. Get the printables for Dad at DearCreatives.com

Celebrate Dad by giving him coupons filled with things you can do for Dad, activities he can do, and treats he can enjoy on different days. Examples: Do chores for Dad, treat him to breakfast in bed, wash his car, let him pick the movie, get him his favorite drink, let him have a day off…

There is a place on the cover sheet to sign Love, _______ (insert your name or names).

Dads can be hard to get gifts for. But, get these coupons and give him something meaningful and memorable. You can even pair it with another special gift for Dad.

Customize a sheet of coupons for him or let him customize a coupon sheet (with things he would like) using the blank template. Then cut the coupons out if you like or add them to the cover page and staple them together for a booklet.

What you need

  1. A computer or other device to download files.
  2. Printer to print the files.
  3. Make sure the printer has ink and printer paper.
  4. Pen and scissors.
  5. Stapler or Hole Punch (tie it together with ribbon or twine).
  6. Laminate the pages (optional).

Tips for Printing The Files

  • Use a high-quantity print setting
  • Print on a vertical setting
  • Use letter size or 8.5 x 11-inch paper setting
  • Select computer paper
  • Make sure to use the print preview
  • Adjust print settings as needed

Enjoy the look on Dad’s face when he gets the Father’s Day Coupons Printables book to use! Snap a photo to do with your memories.

Father’s Day Coupons Printables

Father’s Day Coupons Printables 3- pages plus blank coupons template. 1 page coupons from mom, 1 page coupons from kids or child, 1 cover page, 1 coupons template- DearCreativescom

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