Easy Handmade Chocolate Covered Cherries #CandyMaking

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It’s hard to believe we are winding down the month and almost into February already. How did we get here so fast? That thought keeps spinning through my mind. The Mr. just had a birthday the other day. He doesn’t like cake so I always look to the other desserts to make his heart melt. He is definitely the type of person who is a sweet lover yet, it surprises me he doesn’t like cake as his birthday dessert. Oh, well I’m always up for a challenge of finding the perfect dessert. Having never tried to DIY homemade candy since I was a kid other than making fudge I decided it was time to give it a try.

We grabbed all the supplies we needed from the store. Honestly, some of the supplies might be right in your cabinets! You’d be surprised for some homemade candies you really don’t need a lot of supplies at all to go with some of the candy recipes. This one didn’t even require a candy thermometer just dark chocolate, confectioners sugar, cherries and a few other things is all you need. 

Homemade Candy:

chocolate covered cherries

I took my two pots one smaller than the other to make a makeshift double boiler. You know when you price them out you can find them on sale at great prices. I have just never bit the bullet and purchased one. Well, any way with my makeshift double boiler we did just fine. You will too! 

Chocolate Covered Cherries on a ceramic platter with a latte on a table_Chocolate Covered Cherries_

Here’s the deal, if you have teens there will always be a story. Sammie was suppose to help me but, her friend was over for the weekend. Knocking at the door are neighbor kids and the next thing you know they are going in / out and about the neighborhood. My helper was gone. Thankfully these were super easy to make and really didn’t take me too long despite not having her help.The main thing that takes time is rolling the fondant out thinly, then placing it around the cherries and dipping them after chilling into the melted chocolate. 

Homemade Chocolate Covered Cherries_ hand holding a half eaten chocolate covered cherry

Of course somehow my helper ends up being back just in time for being my taste tester. Go figure?! Can I have one? Yes, of course. I needed to know how they would be for the Mr. anyway.

The neat thing about making chocolate covered cherries is first off it’s easy to do, secondly the fondant gets all juicy from the cherries after a few days (*images are the day I made them) and thirdly when you take a bite through the chocolate layer and your mouth hits that cherry well, it’s heaven in a bite! 

Holding a Chocolate Covered Cherry_

I made these chocolate covered cherries thanks to the recipe and directions in the 300 best Homemade Candy recipes book by Jane Sharrock which I received for reiviewing. The next recipe is going to be seriously delicious too don’t forget to subscribe for more sweet things, recipes and DIYs. 

Homemade Candy Cookbook Review:

300 best Homemade Candy recipes_book_© 2015 DearCreatives.com_

I’m sharing my honest opinions of the book after trying out two recipes from it. I can say I want to be a chocolatier. I loved how each recipe has the skill level, tools and supplies you’ll need and reference pages to tips. I have two candies under my belt and can’t wait to try a few more. There is something magical about taking ingredients and molding them into divine bites of goodness. The 300 best Homemade Candy recipes book just became available and I’m loving it. 

Have you ever made candy? When was the last time you made candy? 

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  1. Chocolate covered cherries are my FAVORITE! I have never thought to try and make them myself.. I pinned this one for later! I also love the pictures you took!!

    1. Hi Ros, He’d love them! I know I’ll have to make another batch as they’ve gone through the ones I made already. Maybe I should of double the batch. lol

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