20 DIY File Cabinets That Will Inspire Your Makeovers

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We are sharing 20 DIY File Cabinets that will inspire your cabinet makeovers. I am always looking for new, easy diy projects. Ideas to inspire home improvements. Do you have an old file cabinet? Or love to go thrifting? Or just have a file cabinet from IKEA that you’d like to upcycle? 

Recently we bought a new file cabinet at a yard sale; because it’s tax season and I needed a file for all the paperwork (I hate looking at paperwork everywhere). But, this storage file cabinet needs a little TLC such as dusting off. Cleaning out, and giving the file cabinet new life.

I love seeing ideas for furniture up-cycles that take ugly furniture and transform it into beautiful looking decor! Don’t you?

DIY File Cabinets

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Then the finished file cabinet then doesn’t have to be stuffed in the closet, sit out ugly or hidden in the garage but, can be changed into part of your home decor. These transformations are AMAZING!

You might remember how I planned my home office, then did  my home office makeover, including adding a small storage cabinet. And here’s 5 ways to make your home office space cozy. But now I’m adding a DIY FILE CABINET is on my to do list. I’m not sure if I’ll wait to spring or do it in the house with floor drop cloths.

But, when it’s done I’ll be sure to share it. Have you ever done a file cabinet makeover? Or other furniture upcycle? One of the videos below shared that grease lightning is great for cleaning and helping restore things. Some makeovers require a sanding with sandpaper. Go be inspired with these filing cabinet makeovers but, before you go don’t forget to subscribe

20 DIY File Cabinets

  1. Colorful & Striped DIY File Cabinet from diycandy.com
  2. Industrial File Cabinet To Craft Storage from number-2-pencil.com
  3. File Cabinet Makeover from inmyownstyle.com
  4. Metal File Cabinet Makeover from abeautifulmess.com
  5. Vintage File Cabinet Makeover from maisondepax.com
  6. Metal Cabinet Makeover from oleanderandpalm.com
  7. File Cabinet Makeover from designimprovised.com
  8. Transform A Thrift Store Filing Cabinet from loveandrenovations.com
  9. A Campaign Dresser Inspired Filing Cabinet Makeover from thediymommy.com
  10. Trash To Treasure’ File Cabinet from littlehouseoffour.com
  11. Fully Flowered Chalk Painted Stencilled Filing Cabinet from thehappyhousie.porch.com
  12. Painted Filing Cabinet Makeover from prettyprovidence.com
  13. Dated File Cabinet Gets An Industrial Makeover from simplybeautifulbyangela.com
  14. Cerulean Blue File Cabinet Makeover from danslelakehouse.com
  15. The Filing Cabinet That Doesn’t Look Like A Filing Cabinet from notjustahousewife.net
  16. File Cabinet Makeover Using Chalk Paint from prettyhandygirl.com
  17. Filing Cabinet Makeover from makingtheworldcuter.com
  18. DIY Chalk Painted Wood File Cabinet from inmyownstyle.com
  19. Filing Cabinet Transformation Using Plastic Light Diffusers from thekimsixfix.com
  20. DIY Stenciled File Cabinet from iheartorganizing.com

Wondering what kind of file cabinet paint to use? 

In this makeover of a file cabinet. (video tutorial) 

  • Paint used : Chalk Paint is one option for painting file cabinets. This video shows you how to paint a file cabinet with chalk paint. 

This decorative cabinet is a Simple Coral DIY and she sanded prior to applying her paint. 

This cabinet was rusty, dirty and old. Here’s how Denise Cooper gave her thrifted, old file cabinet new life and a total filing cabinet design makeover. I think this is by far my favorite. Plus she upcycled a globe to go with it! 

You can find your filing cabinets by going to yard sales, thrift shopping, bargain hunting or just grab a new file cabinet from Ikea (on Amazon). Then plan your design and decide how you will create your makeover!

Tips for Spray Painting  

  1. You will need to sand, then wipe sanding dust off. 
  2. Make sure your surface is clean, dry and rust free. 
  3. Prime (*Paint Primer) really worn surfaces prior to spray painting 
  4. For spray painting remember it’s a light coat while you move back and forth motion.
  5. Do not over spray you will get drips. Have a soft cloth nearby if you do get drips wipe them up carefully. (It takes more work to fix than spray light coats evenly) 
  6. This is best done outdoors or in a ventilated area. ( indoors use a mask) Outdoors don’t spray on a windy day and protecct surface areas. 
  7. You may have to apply two coats but, wait until the coats are entirely dry before adding the 2nd coat of paint, and subsequent coats.  

Looking for more furniture upcycles? 

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What home projects are you planning? 

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