5 Easy Ways To Make Your Office Work Space More Cozy

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Today I thought I’d share how to make your office more cozy. With few of the decor accent’s you can makeover your office without having to do an entire makeover. Refreshing your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Did you miss yesterday’s post with our entire home office makeover? You can see in yesterday’s home office DIY post by going to our home decor ideas page or linked at the end of the post. 

Although, we did start from the ground up with our home office makeover, you technically don’t have to. If you have an office space that you just want to make look nicer, and feel more cozy then the five easy way we share will help you. 

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One thing that was important to me was to add a little more coziness to my office work space. As mentioned yesterday, the other half of my space is a kitchen. So this can be a bit cold with wood laminate floors, and being surrounded by stainless steel.

Everyone online has been going crazy with the term “hygge  this past few months, and even years. Basically it means comfort, and coziness. 

How do you achieve comfort, and coziness in your home or home office?

  • Adding warmth
  • Things that make you feel safe
  • Color
  • Something that has meaning to you
  • Functional
  • Clean
  • Organized
  • Nature Inspired 

Basically you are telling your mind that your space is comfortable, and it’s a soothing space. Before I hated working in my home office. I felt like I was stuck in a cold corner.

Ideas to freshen up your home office

Here’s a few ways we added more coziness to our space. I hope it gives you a few ideas for creating a more inviting office. 

  1. Although I occasionally need blackout curtains for photography or to keep out the cold. I added window sheers for the natural sun to shine through the windows, adding warmth.
  2. Another thing I did was add a colorful area rug. My confetti teal shag rug *(other colors available) is on the side of my space that is only for the office or crafting. 
  3. I love nature, and it’s my sanctuary for when my mind is stressed, or when I need to rejuvenate. I created a nature inspired wreath to my office wall. The tutorial will be coming soon but, you can see a few nature inspired wreaths on my grapevine wreath ideas page.
  4.  I added a white faux fur throw to the back of the office chair. For two reasons to keep the cats from scratching the chair, and to add style. PS it feels nice too. 
  5. I added a smile pillow. No matter how hard you work, you need to find time to smile. It’s a good reminder. 

nature inspired wreath with succulents, and butterflies on a grapevine wreath with chicken wire. home decor ideas © 2018 Theresa Huse -DearCreatives.com

Other items in the room refresh

  1. Faux Marble Mouse Pad
  2. Planner- Book Holder
  3. Lucky Kitty 
  4. Neko Lucky Kitty 
  5.   Paper Cutter 
  6. Hummingbird Feeder (outside the office window) 
  7. Diffuser, and lavender essential oils
  8.  Agate Coasters
  9. See this post for more home office layout ideas, and home office organization ideas

teal shag rug, and ugg boots, wood floors, and natural wood desk leg © 2018 Theresa Huse DearCreatives.com

I have to say, it really feels like a home office for her, and this works perfectly with our modern home. I love kicking off my ugg boots, and having the warmth of a cozy rug at my feet. This is right where you’ll find me working on my next post for you. 

If you need more home office or hygge home styles be sure to hop on over to Pinterest and follow my Pinterest boards for home decor, home office ideas, and more. I love pinning what’s trending to give me more ideas for how to improve my home’s aesthetics, and looks.

What areas of your home are you freshening up? 

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