DIY Eyeball Wreath – Easy To Make Halloween Wreath Idea

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Are you ready to make a spooky wreath? We are sharing our DIY Eyeball Wreath! It is so easy to make. We have a tutorial with easy-to-follow instructions for how to make an Eyeball Wreath for Halloween.

It is the best Halloween wreath to hang up and add a little spooky yet fun to your decor. Use this Halloween eyeball wreath to hang up on your front door or inside your home. Honestly, it’s so quick and easy to make. Which makes this doable even as a last-minute Halloween Wreath Idea.

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DIY Eyeball Wreath 

DIY Eyeball Wreath - How to make an eyeball wreath that glows in the dark to hang on your door, or inside your house for a party or Halloween. Spooky, fun and easy to make! DearCreatives.com  

We painted the eyeballs (you can get them at the Dollar Store, and other retailers) with glow-in-the-dark paint but, you can skip that part if you don’t have time. I also decided to paint my wreath but, if you have a dark-colored grapevine wreath or willow wreath you can omit this step too! 

Halloween Eyeball Wreath

DIY Eyeball Wreath - Use fake eyeballs, glow in the dark paint, grapevine wreath, spray paint... How-To make your Halloween wreath! - DearCreatives.com

Hang the Halloween Wreath as part of your Halloween Decorations Indoors 

Eyeball Wreath Hanging on the living room wall. Love sign turned to say evil. See how to make an Eyeball Wreath for Halloween or a party at ©DearCreatives.com

We made this wreath to hang as part of our Halloween decor and for the spooky movie viewing party we are going to have. Sam took our love sign and turned it to say evil. Then we hung the eyeball wreath next to it on the wall by our fireplace. Where will you hang yours? 

You can also hang the wreath for Halloween on the front porch or hang it on the front door! 

How To Make A Halloween Wreath With Fake Eyeballs 

DIY Eyeball Wreath - Halloween Wreath - Use dollar store eyeballs, glow in the dark paint, a grapevine wreath, spray paint... Grab the easy tutorial to make a wreath for Halloween! DearCreatives.com

If you aren’t making this Halloween wreath now be sure to pin it for later! 

Halloween Eyeball Wreath DIY

Yield: Eyeball Wreath

DIY Eyeball Wreath

Finished Halloween Eyeball Wreath - Eyeball Wreath DIY © DearCreatives.com

Make this easy, affordable Eyeball Wreath for Halloween or anytime you need a spooky wreath! Great to make and hang for spooky parties, Halloween parties, scary movie viewing parties...Or just hang it for your Halloween decor or hang it on your door. It has glow in the dark eyeballs, spider webs, and spiders.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 2 hours 5 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost 15.00


Gather your supplies.

Supplies for an Eyeball Wreath DIY - how-to and instructions at ©DearCreatives.com

Protect your surface area, with newspaper or paper.

Getting ready to spray paint a wreath black. Wreath, spray paint and protected surface. Eyeball Wreath DIY © DearCreatives.com

Spray paint your wreath and let it dry.

Beginning to paint a wreath black to make a Halloween Eyeball Wreath (painting the wreath is an optional step) © DearCreatives.com

Flip over the other size spray paint it and let it dry.

Wreath painted black for the base of the Eyeball Wreath DIY for Halloween Instructions with step by step at © DearCreatives.com

If it's sunny outside it shouldn't take long for the thin coat of paint to dry.

Paint the fake eyeballs

Take out all your eyeballs out of the packages, set them into a big bowl if you are painting them with glow in the dark paint.

Painting eyeballs with glow in the dark paint for a Halloween wreath- find the instructions for this easy Halloween craft at DearCreatives.com

Paint each eyeball one by one set them on a paper surface or wax paper surface to dry.

Assemble the spooky eyeball wreath

When everything is dry it's time to assemble the eyeball wreath. Set the dried eyeballs in a bowl, heat up your hot glue gun and set your items on a protected surface before assembling.

Glue on the eyeballs

Continue adding eyeballs to the wreath until the wreath is full and all the eyeballs are connected by hot-gluing them together and onto the wreath.

Eyeball Wreath - A wreath with eyeballs and spider web and spiders behind it to hang up for Halloween or spooky, fun parties. © DearCreatives.com

Make your hanger

Now it is time to carefully flip over the wreath, add your wire hanger or ribbon if you haven't already by slipping wire or ribbon through wreath slot and making a loop. Tie it off.

Add the spider web with spiders to the back of the wreath

Next place your spider web onto the wreath. Add as many spiders as you want. (odd numbers are better for balancing and creating interest).

Hot glue it into place here and there around the wreath on the back.

Finished Halloween Eyeball Wreath - Eyeball Wreath DIY © DearCreatives.com

Your done! It's ready to hang for your Halloween decor, Halloween party or Spooky party!


  • You can make your hanger before you start your wreath if you want. I like to do it after the eyeballs are on so I can pick the visually balanced placement for hanging.
  • Pack of 36 Eyeballs

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