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Fall Wreath DIY – Plus 7 Fall Wreaths You’ll Love to Make Now!

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 I made a new fall wreath. I guess you can say I am ready to wave good bye to summer. I have been wreath making, decorating for fall, and planning our living room make over. I’m ready for crisp air, fall leaves, and all the colors of fall. I never get tired of making wreaths for fall, decorating my home, and adding to my grapevine wreath ideas. Are you ready to decorate your own wreath? 

Fall Wreath

Today’s fall wreath is decorated on a grapevine heart wreath. But, there are more ideas later in the post you can pick from. Let’s get stared on today’s wreath diy. 

fall wreaths- make this heart fall wreath or any of the other grapevine wreath ideas. there are so many to pick from to make DearCreatives.com #wreaths #diy #fall #grapevinewreaths #craftsThe supplies I had to make this wreath are extra supplies left over from last years wreath, with the exception of the heart wreath I purchased to decorate. I’m trying to use up some of my craft supplies stash. Heart grapevine wreaths are so easy to decorate, and only takes a few supplies.

It’s made just like the one in this tutorial how to decorate a grapevine wreath. But, I’ll walk you through what you need, and how to decorate a heart wreath. You can decorate your wreath as full, or scaled back as you want.

This wreath can be decorated in under 30 – 60 minutes depending on your skill level. We are all for quick and easy crafts, that you can slip into your day. Or complete in your kids nap-time. 

Supplies you will need to make your fall wreath

  1. Grapevine Heart Wreath
  2. Faux fall flowers
  3. Faux fall leaves
  4. Pine cones, or acorns
  5. Faux mini pumpkins
  6. Fall Ribbon (with wire) 
  7. Wire cutters and (optional floral wire)
  8. Hot glue gun, and glue sticks
  9. Scissors

Steps for making a fall wreath

  1. Protect your work surface ( I use a piece of wood
  2. Get out your supplies
  3. Cut your faux flowers off the wire 
  4. Heat up your hot glue gun
  5. Decorate your wreath

DIY fall wreath

Faux fall flowers with leaves for decorating a Heart Grapevine Wreath DearCreatives.com #grapevinewreath #diy

Heat up your hot glue gun. Cut your flowers. Lay them to the side. 

grapevine wreath laying on a wood surface ready to be decorated. Make this easy fall wreath with the directions at DearCreatives.com

Take out your twig wreath, and lay it on your work surface. If you want to make your own you might like this tutorial  for how to make a grapevine heart

fall flowers hot glued to the grapevine wreath see full tutorial how to make a fall wreath at DearCreatives.com

Decide the placement of your flowers on your wreath, and hot glue them in place. Remember the rule of thirds, and odd numbers create visual interest to the eyes. 

Adding wired ribbon through the heart grapevine wreath to create a bow DearCreatives.com

Add your wired ribbon where you want it. I placed it toward the bottom where I wanted to create a focal point. Make a bow, or buy a  orange bow  or fall plaid bow place on your wreath. 

Closeup of bottom of decorated fall wreath for the front door. DIY at DearCreatives.com

Then add your decorations around your bow, at your focal point. I used pine cones, flowers, a butterfly… If you are making a wreath for Thanksgiving just omit the butterfly. ( It’s on a wire, and I can just pull it off for Thanksgiving.) 

Make sure to hot glue the decorations on good, if needed use wire. See how to make this door wreath at DearCreatives.com #doorwreath

Remember when working on your wreath to hold it up and look at it, making adjustments to your design as needed. Make sure to glue decorations down well, use floral wire around decorations if needed. I ended up taking off the bow for this wreath. 

Closeup of side of decorated grapevine wreath DIY at Dearcreatives.com

Add decorations creating mini vignettes to look at, around the sides and top creating balance to the look of your wreath. Remember to set it against something and take a step back when working on it. Before you know it you can have a wreath made to hang on your door. Or use it for a wall wreath. 

Heart Grapevine Wreath decorated for fall. You will want to make this quick and easy wreath plus door wreaths and grapevine wreath ideas at DearCreatives.com

Looking for more ideas? You might like to try any of these wreaths to make. 

Fall Wreaths Ideas 

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[ctt template=”8″ link=”0Kre3″ via=”yes” ]You will love making any of these fall wreath ideas! See them all. Which wreath diy will you make? [/ctt]

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