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Baby Showers, Celebrations, Mom And Mixers

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Do you enjoy entertaining? Hosting baby showers? Or hosting birthday parties… Typically we host our family baby showers, family celebrations, and holiday celebrations. But, this sprinkle shower was held by one of my daughter in law’s close friends. All we had to do was bring something to drink and our baby shower gifts to the celebration.

This was a perfect storm for fun, and moms meet up. Baby showers are always fun. Don’t you think? Games, mocktails and cocktails and gushing over the mom to be. Seeing presents being opened and then cookies or reveal cakes then more beverages. 

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Baby Shower Ideas hand reaching for a drink in a glass garnished with lime - mixer for mocktails and cocktails - DearCreatives.com

We sprinkled in a few of our favorite baby shower games and tips for throwing a baby shower. Because ladies, let’s admit it we always know someone about to have a baby. Right? 

  • We received a box of goodies plus free coupons for Owen’s Mixers from MomsMeet.com to share with our mom’s group. This post may contain affiliate links, at no cost or price change to you. We will earn a small commission for qualifying purchases.

The mixers we brought with us to the party were Owen’s Mixers. Have you ever tried them?

Not only did we bring the mixers with us for making drinks. We had fun passing out free coupons we received for moms to try all the flavors of the mixers. The mixers are non-alcoholic, perfect for mocktails or cocktails. 


It was fun to meet up with all the moms, catching up, enjoying time together and being with and the mom to be. 

women-back-view-celebration guests at a baby shower -DearCreatives.com

There was a mixed crowd, of young ladies (including Sammie and my oldest granddaughter) plus adults. This was a lunchtime celebration we opted for not mixing drinks at this shower. We made mocktails for the baby shower.

It couldn’t have been any easier to set up to serve guests. We just added our mixers to the party’s ice bucket and cut up the limes we brought. Set down our gift at the gift station. 

Celebrating the Mom to be

pregnant mom = Mom to be opening gifts at a baby shower - DearCreatives.com

It’s a boy! We couldn’t be happier. Stay tuned for how to make this baby shower gift, so don’t forget to subscribe. Now, onto the mocktails and cocktails. 

What kind of drinks should you make for a baby shower?

If you want to make drinks for baby showers it depends on what time of day and who is attending. 

Find drink recipes that suits the time of the baby shower, party or celebration 

  1. Drinks on Pinterest
  2.  Drink recipes 
  3.  Cocktail and mixer recipes

How to make mocktails? 

  1. Grab fancy cocktail glasses or a baby shower kit 
  2. Grab Owen’s Craft Mixers (Flavors – Grapefruit and Lime, Ginger and Lime, Mint, Cucumber and Lime, Tonic Water and Lime)
  3. Paring knife
  4. Garnish with lime, mint
  5. Slice your limes thinly, slit the lime partway, twist and add to the side of the glass. Check out this video for DIY garnishes

If you want to make drinks it’s so easy with these mixers! You can pour the mixer over ice for mocktails. You will be raising your glasses as quick as this! 

How to Make a Mexican Mule 

  1. 5 oz. Tequila 
  2. 5 oz. Owen’s Ginger Beer + Lime
  3. Lime garnish
  4. Optional garnish of candied ginger

Another thing you can make with these drink mixers is to add ice cream to your mixer in a tall glass to create a float or pour a large bottle of the mixer into a punch bowl add ice cream and fruit garnishes. What types of drinks do you like for your celebrations?

What do you need for a baby shower?

Party supplies for a baby shower, ice bucket, mixers, paper plates, napkins, utencils, cocktail glasses, a balloon that says baby - DearCreatives.com

Must-have list for throwing a baby shower 

  1. Copper Finish Ice bucket (makes it so easy to keep drinks chilled)
  2. Owen’s Craft Mixers (if making mocktails or cocktails)
  3. Baby Balloon and balloon kit with helium
  4. Rose Gold Utensils
  5. Baby Prediction Game
  6. Bunny Print Baby Shower party supply kit 
  7. Bear Print Baby Shower party supply kit
  8. Instant Camera for snapping pictures 

Baby shower planning ideas

  1. 7 Genius Baby Shower Hacks
  2. Easy Dessert Table Set Up DIY
  3. Easy DIY Balloon Garland

How many games at a baby shower? 

Once all of the guests have arrived and had a chance to enjoy food and drink, about 30-45 minutes into the shower, the games begin. There are usually 3-5 different games lasting for another 30-45 minutes. (resource-shower planning guide)

What are some fun games and fun activities for a baby shower?

You can find Owen’s mixers locally via their online store locator. We found ours at our local Von’s store but, I’ve also seen them at Alberton’s, BevMo. They come in 4 packs or bigger bottles like this. 

Mixers To Try

Mixers for making mocktails and cocktails for parties and celebrations - make raising glasses as fun as raising kids - baby shower - DearCreatives.com

How cute are those napkins? Make raising glasses as fun as raising kids! Ha, ha! What I love about the mixers besides the taste is they are vegan, gluten-free, non-alcoholic and made with less sugar and real ingredients. Sip, sip hurray! You can use Owen’s Mixers for any celebration or party! The bottled mixers were perfect to bring to the party for mixing up mocktails. 

The 750mL bottle is good for up to seven days after opening if closed properly, just in case you have leftover mixers. Owen’s Craft Mixers are carbonated, so do not shake before opening. Lightly tap before drinking, as natural sediment may settle.

See what everyone is saying about these mixers by using the hashtags and tags #MomsMeet @owensmixers #owensmixer 

Cheers to all the mamas out there! And pregnant mamas! 

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