Valentine’s Decor Ideas For All The Sweet Feels

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Valentine’s Decor Ideas – Get ready to decorate and celebrate with these decor ideas for Valentine’s Day! Take down previous decor, dust shelves, bookcases, and tables. How to decorate? It’s easy! Pick up scented candles, heart-shaped decor, cute signs with Valentine’s quotes, and other cute decorations…

Below see all the ideas and decorations to give your home all the feels for Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Decor Ideas

Valentine's Decor Ideas - Decorating ideas for Valentine's Day - ideas for decorating the home. Find out more at DearCreatives.com
Valentine’s Decor Ideas

Common decor colors are baby pink, pink, and red. For more decorating options add neutral decor color options. Use colors such as cream, off-white, and gold. Use them in any combination that suits your style, what you already have, or how you want to style the home for Valentine’s Day.

For decor shop for Valentine’s Day decorations that you can use over and over again. Do add to what you already own. I get a few new things to add to what I already have. Plus, this year I purchased a new bundle of seasonal tiered decor for V-Day.

Valentine Day Decor

  1. I love using reversible signs like this. It gives you the option to decorate for more than one season.
  2. Do you have a tiered tray to decorate? Decorate with a Valentine’s Day Tiered Tray Bundle or a few things to add to the tiered tray.
  3. Valentine Wood Stacks with Valentine’s sayings. Love You To The Moon and Back, Be Mine, Loads of Love, Sweetheart Be Mine, XOXO…
  4. Use a sign like this XOXO sign for the mantel, the top of the piano, or a bookcase or desk.
  5. Life is like a box of chocolates. Why not add faux chocolates in a heart box to your decor?!
  6. Do you love vintage decorations? Or baking? Get this vintage cupcake recipe sign.
  7. Small size Wood Bead Tags. The tags have sayings such as XOXO, Be Mine, Valentine, and Love. Or get a long bead garland with Valentine’s tag.
  8. Neutral farmhouse-style Valentine garland use it on a mantle, bookcase… I love all the photos of how people used it.
  9. This coffee gnome couple (with hearts) is adorable for Valentine’s displays. Or use these red, and pink gnomes for displays.
  10. Swap out throw pillows or pillowcases. It’s a simple way to decorate.

To make your home smell good or to create a romantic mood pick up beautiful scented candles. There are so many styles of candles you will love! If I hadn’t already decorated my tiered tray I would have purchased this tiered tray bundle! I love everything about it.

See all our favorite Valentine’s Decor along with more ideas for decorating the home.

When do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Decorate after the holidays, and in January through the beginning of February. Leave the decorations up until March. Then in early March decorate for St. Patrick’s Day.

I started decorating early and picked up decorations at Target too. I can’t wait to edit photos to share my decorations. There is something sweet about decorating for this sweethearts celebration. Don’t you think?

Happy decorating!

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