How To Decorate Mini Chalkboards – Be Mine DIY

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How to decorate mini chalkboards – Be Mine DIY. I love finding easy ways to make DIY home decor for Valentine’s Day and crafts for Valentine’s Day. I picked up a few crafting supplies for my Valentine’s Day Crafts project. We started with cute chalkboard frames, pretty red glitter and a be mine stamp in a banner style. Then I added a few items I had on hand to make it perfect for use on Valentine’s Day!

Let me show you how easy this Crafts Valentine Day project is to do. This craft project will include a tutorial, supply list, and resources to enable you to create the same project or something similar.

This craft DIY can also be done a Valentine’s Day project to do with the kids, used as a teen craft or an adult Valentine’s Day craft. You can put quite a few spins on the ideas making each one unique. I hand Stamped the chalkboard with the be mine after adding a bit of Valentine’s glitter to the outside frames!  But, you could use a chalk pen to handwrite a little message too. You cand also use this project for a DIY wedding.

How To Decorate Mini Chalkboards 

Be Mine DIY

Crafts Valentines Day -Easy Valentines Day Diy_Chalkboard diy project_T

Besides being an easy project you can create variations on the design. If this isn’t the craft you are looking to make see all our Valentine’s Day Crafts or our other craft ideas from the menu. 

Crafting Supplies_

Valentine’s Day Craft – Mini Chalkboard DIY


  • glue (that dries clear)
  • scissors
  • glitter
  • twine or ribbons
  • hearts
  • mini chalkboards
  • chalk pens
  • Valentines Day stamp
  • hot glue gun

See all the supplies we used later in the post. 

How To decorate mini chalkboards

Crafts Valentines Day-Steps for Glittering Frames and hearts_Crafting_ 2014

 The steps are easy. Tip if glittering do a bunch at once following these directions –

  1. Cover work area with wax paper (to pick up excess glitter and save it)
  2. Spread glue onto the frame but, make sure not too thick and try not to drip onto the chalkboard. Tip: have handy a damp rag ready to wipe off drips.
  3. Glitter frame and let dry! (ya, you might not want to glitter it as much as in the photo, just enough to fully cover glue area)
  4. Again, let completely dry! This is where you go up in the laundry or read a book to the kids.
  5. Shake off excess glitter onto your wax paper and pour back into the jar. Tip: if using different color glitters use a different piece of wax paper for each color.

Chalk Pen on a stamp_ Theresa Huse 2014

Shake your chalk pen with the lid on up and down to distribute the ink inside of the pen tip. Test on paper that nib has ink flowing to tip. Color stamp with the desired color and quickly place stamp where you want it inked applying pressure. (don’t lift up and down) Then lift off. If not enough ink or too much and blurs wipe off and try again.\

Mini Chalkboard Valentine’s Day DIY

Crafts Valentines Day-Be Mine_ Valentines Day Chalkboard_

Vary your designs tie together two wood glittered hearts and hot glue to corner of the chalkboard. Of course, I needed to make some gold ones! I would have used my white chalk pen but, it ran out of ink. Note to self get a new one! lol

Valtines Chalk Board frames_Theresa Huse 2014And if you would like to hang them measure out some twine or pretty ribbon and hot glue it onto the back of frames. Try making your own designs in chalk pens and if you don’t like it just erase with a damp cloth and redo them. If you want to make them permanent there are products on the market you can spray on top to seal it.


Crafts Valentines Day-Be Mine Chalkboard_Craft Project_ Of course, if you have pretty handwriting you can always just do it yourself with no stamps.

Craft Supplies you may need – Amazon

Crafts Valentines DayBe Mine Chalkboard Craft on vintage hanger

Next just find some cool vintage hanger to re-purpose. This was a tarnished piece I found and spray painted gold. Then set your pretty board on it for display and make some more to give away! On a sunny day or in the garage spray your glitter with Krylon 6-Ounce Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray this will seal your glitter. (make sure to cover chalkboard with paper when doing this!) I hope you enjoyed this easy Valentine’s Day project!

What have you been crafting for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Wow. I love this idea. The vintage hanger really took up a notch. I’ve never created anything for Valentines Day so this would be a great project to try.

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  3. Oh my, I’m loving this! I’m completely into chalkboard art right now, but never thought of using the markers on stamps – seriously mind blown over here! I’m so glad I found this post!

    I’m part of a Valentine link up party and I think this would be a great addition to the party, if you are at all interested in linking up here is the link to the party:

    I hope you stop by, as this is a great post!


  4. This is probably my favorite Valentine craft so far this year! So creative and beautiful yet inexpensive and it looks easy enough to do!! Thanks for linking this on SITS! Love it! Pinning!

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