“Tell It To Me Tuesday” Peachy Keen Style Spotting

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Hello, it’s “Tell it to me Tuesday.” What are you talking about? I’m talking about style spotting, fashion trends, and decor I am crushing on. This isn’t going to be a super long life-style post today. I have this long bullet list of stuff to get through in about 4 hours. Do you have weeks like this? 

Are you’re to do lists are longer than you have to do it all in? I’ve also been having this problem, my family is as busy as I am. I shouldn’t be so affected but, the trail blazing in my home is driving me crazy! Why is it so hard to put your stuff away? It makes me want to brew coffee or tea, and read a book so I don’t have to look around at my home right in this moment. OK, enough about my crazy week that I don’t have together. Let’s get onto what I’m crushing on. 

Peachy Keen Style

Style spotting Anthropology

Youth Glow | Colorblocked Sherpa Jacket | Embossed Floral Vases | Side Table Lamp

Beauty Tip of the Day

Feeling the winter chill, and dryness from indoor heat? I was reading it isn’t good to exfoliate your skin as much in winter. It aggravates your skin. It’s better to use a face mask, and moisturize. We love trying new face masks do you? Here’s 4 face masks to try. 

Sweater Fashions

Baby it’s cold outside, and indoors too. My heat bill is going to be off the charts. I’m grabbing a few cozy sweaters so I can turn that heat down. Jan through March is always the coldest months. Even when it’s sunny outside it’s brisk. I love layering a light sweater under a jacket too. Do you? I think the one I’m loving this the most turtle neck poncho, serving dual purpose for heading to the beach, and might be topping my crush, must have list. 

Decor Ideas

I can’t help dreaming of spring, and waiting for my roses to bloom again. Do you have flowers in your garden? You might enjoy these pretty vases. But, the reality is we have a ways to wait. Until then I can light a scented candle. Or brew an aromatic tea, like matcha peach tea to get the floral aroma, and scents of the outdoors. 

I need more light. The side table lamp I spotted comes in 6 colors. Honestly, I could see this lamp for my office decor update. I thought I published it, but didn’t. Stay tuned! 

What have you been crushing on? What’s your biggest challenge right now? 

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