Fun Crafts For Teens

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Fun Crafts For Teens – Are you searching for teen crafts? I have some ideas and inspiration to share with you. I hope these ideas will help you have fun. Use these ideas if you (or your teen are bored). Or for something to do this summer. Or if you feel like crafting.

Crafts for teens aesthetic -is my granddaughter’s top search on Pinterest. She’s always looking for fun crafts to make. She shared her idea board with me. It was filled with cute, fun, and clever crafts to make!

Fun Crafts For Teens

Fun Teen Crafts - Teen Crafts that are fun, easy and perfect do do by yourself or with friends -See the list of fun teen craft ideas (be sure to follow for more!) at

These are fun crafts for teens and tweens. They can do these activities, DIY, and crafts by themselves, with friends, or in a group. Put together a teen craft session and have fun! Or join in the fun with mom (or grandma) craft time.

Fun Crafts For Teens - Teen Crafts To Make - Use these ideas to make yourself or with friends. Have a teen craft session with these fun crafts.

Teen Crafts

  1. Paint CDs – Tips and DIY How Paint CDs Plus Ideas
    Upcycle old CDs with acrylic paints (my favorite). First prime them with gesso like this.
  2. DIY Flower Wire Ring
    Use jewelry wire and nail polish…
  3. Unicorn Pouch DIY (no-sew) Use it to store little things or…
  4. Make things with Polymer clay (20 Polymer Clay Tips and Tricks for Beginners). DIY clay Rings (inspo), DIY Chunky Clay Rings (tutorial), jewelry dishes, figurines…
    Use Sculpty, Fimo, and Polymer Clay Canes
  5. Decorate cheap sunglasses with beads.
    Get sunglasses like this (8 sunglasses) and a (bead kit) like this.
  6. Try Rock Painting or make kindness rocks to spread around.
    All you need are river rocks like this and paint pens like this.
  7. Paint clay pots with designs to add succulents or cactus for room decor. Cute clay pot designs – (girly, wavy, flower designs on clay pots) and (cute cactus design for a clay pot).
    Clay pots and acrylic paints.
  8. DIY lip scrub.
  9. Try straw weaving a bracelet or necklace.
    Plastic straws and yarn like this.
  10. Easy DIY Pineapple Candles
    Save your jars or get ones like this. A black sharpie, yellow candle wax, and a candle wick.
  11. Cute Kawaii style Summer Pencil Holders – Made with a tin can, craft paper (my favorite), glue, and a pen. Or try this easy DIY origami paper pencil holder (with Kawaii designs). Both can hold pens, pencils, or trinkets…
  12. Make handmade stickers (no cutting machine needed). If you have a Cricut you can use my sticker tutorial (How To Print and Cut Stickers). Use the Sticker DIY and insert fun, quirky, and favorite designs.

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Crafts To Make

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