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Printable Journal Page With Prompts – Refocus

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Are you looking for a printable journal page with prompts? It has been a difficult year on many fronts for so many people. With that said I have a new printable for you, filled with journaling ideas. Plus, grab 15 journal prompts, and journal writing ideas to get you refocused!


It’s time to reflect on the good times and challenging times. Plus, if you have any heartache to spill it, and be ready for manifesting a better new year!


Letting go really helps you heal. I’m not saying don’t remember, just release your feelings. Move into the new year with less weight on your mind and more clarity with a renewed focus.

I have to admit, being on the 3rd shelter in place orders hasn’t been helping me mentally or physically. There are plenty of things I want to do to improve my daily life.

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Ways To Cope With Stress And Stay On Track Daily

  • Journaling and Art Journaling.
  • Getting Creative – doing art and crafts.
  • Getting outdoors (even if it’s cold). It really refreshes your mind.
  • Focusing on the good (even if it’s one good thing a day).
  • Begin Meditating and Practicing Mindfulness.
  • Keeping on track by making a daily plan in a planner.

This is just the start. How have you been coping with things lately? In what ways do you get out of a funk? Or stay focused?

15 Journal Prompts

Printable Journal Page With Prompts - Move into the new year with less weight on your mind by using these journaling ideas...DearCreatives.com

I hope you enjoy using these journal prompts now or later. Add them to your existing or new journals!

  1. Give yourself a break – what are some things you believe you have done right?
  2. If your productivity is suffering, what are some reasons you think that is?
  3. List self-care activities you have participated in while being at home.
  4. List some NEW self-care activities for your shelter-in-place time?
  5. What is a creative activity you can try while being at home?
  6. List the main things that have been on your mind lately.
  7. What is something you have always wanted to try?
  8. When you think of how you spend your time when you are bored, what comes to mind first?
  9. When the shelter in place orders are lifted, what is a way you can get out more?
  10. How has quarantine changed your mindset?
  11. What do you think you took for granted before quarantine?
  12. Have you read any books while in isolation?
  13. How do you think life will be different moving forward.
  14. What are some changes you have made that have improved your health so far?
  15. List 10 ways you can be physically and mentally healthier while at home.

Printable Journal Page With Prompts

Journal Prompts - Journal Ideas - Printable Journal Page With Prompts - to print get PDF and PNG files at DearCreatives.com
Printable Journal Page With Prompts – Sample – Print from the file links in post

Grab 15 more journal prompts on our printable journal page. Print and enjoy using this journal page for free. For Personal Use Only. (But, you can share the link to this post/printable and printables with your friends.)

I’m sure ready to shed the weight, heartache, and challenges of this year and hopeful for better things to come. When was the last time you added to your journal? Created in your art journal or focused on yourself?

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