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You know I’m out of town to help family this week but, would love for you to enjoy content all week long! I thought I’d round up some of this summer’s most popular posts, some of my favorites and list a few upcoming posts to keep you in the know. At the end of the post I’d love to hear what types of content you’d love to see this fall! Is it recipes, diy, beauty and fashion? Tutorials, blogging tips, trending topics? Painting, crafts, paper-crafts? 

Also if you are interested I will be taking applications in August for contributors. I will have an entire post at the in August all about it. Stay tuned. But, if you want to get a jump on applying you can comment on this post with your blog and types of posts you write about. Or if your shy just email me. Grab my email from my about page. I will be taking on more than one person. I can not accept any non bloggers meaning if you write for a company I’m sorry you will not be considered. If you are a creative blogger with an Etsy shop that is fine. Again more details later!

Trending Blog Posts

Trending Blog Posts

Recent Top Posts Trending on DearCreatives: 

  1. Recipe: This recipe is already breaking some of my reader favorites and pinned over 708 times! Carne Asada Steak Recipe 
  2. Beauty: This beauty post is when I colored my hair a pretty shade of Medium Golden Brown. It is a post that just keeps on helping others decide whether or not to try it . Garnier Olia Hair Coloring Product Review
  3. Sewing: Round up of Zipper Pouch Tutorials. Simple Sewing : 10 Zipper Pouches (some no sew ones too)
  4. DIY: I guess people are like me and love innovative ways to re-purpose a piece of furniture. Pinned over 850 times! Dresser to Kitchen Island DIY 
  5. Recipe: Shut the front door stumbled over 875 times!? I should of written this sooner. Everyone needs a Quick and Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce 
  6. Sewing: This has been shared on a few sites, pinned and great for making as a gift or for a table-scape. Easy sewing tutorial for Burlap Utensils 

Thanks to everyone who pinned, shared, stumbled and enjoyed these posts. If you’ve missed any of them you might enjoy taking a look too! 

Trending Blog Posts

My Recent Favorite Trending Blog  Posts:

  • I really enjoyed making my easy cement bowls. I know many will think it’s too much trouble to try. But, clean up is pretty easy, materials inexpensive, you wear gloves and do it all outdoors: Cement Bowls for Home Decor 
  • I love canning and ever since my grandma taught me I do it every summer and fall. It’s easier than you think. I’ve been enjoying writing my canning series for you. There are two posts so far with many of my older posts and resources in each of them. If you missed them you can see Canning Resources You’ll Love Part 1 and Canning Resources Part 2 100 Modern Recipes Stay tuned for the next posts in the series by subscribing! 

Sammie’s Favorite Trending Blog Posts:

Both our favorite Trending Blog Posts:

Upcoming blog posts for you will include a review of Kitchen Scissors. Book reviews for knitting  and cooking. Yummy tea recipes and other delicious food- recipe posts. Painting posts and a few DIYs! If your new here be sure to subscribe and never miss out on fresh content. PS. I might have a giveaway in the works. Stay Tuned! 

What ever you decide to read I hope you enjoy looking at a few of our popular, favorites and all time favorite posts! We’ll keep sharing new content in the next few days but, hope you enjoy some of these today! 

Do you have a favorite post you have read here? I’d love to know! PS. Don’t forget to tell us what you’d like to see this fall! j

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