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A little while ago I decided to start a series called Behind the Blog. Sharing the life behind the blog such as things I am enjoying or struggling with. Sharing some of my photography and other things related to blogging. Sometimes I may even share choices I make for certain posts and why. This post series isn’t just straight  blogging tips and resources.This is more of a mix of my life, classes I am looking at or taking …with a chance for you to get to know me better.

This is what is happening behind the blog recently;

velvet and satin ribbon on spools_Theresa Huse 2014

I have been waiting to get some new supplies for projects for Valentines Day and other projectsI have to work on but, I keep holding out as I am saving up for a trip to New York this spring when my oldest has her baby. She has finally picked her colors! Ya! They are waiting until the baby is born to find out if it’s a boy or girl, no problem I’ll be patient.

Nursery Color inspiration_ grey peach mint ecru_

I made this color chart – woodland baby image designed on PicMonkey. I don’t know why I didn’t see that you can create designs in there before? Usually I zip in and cruise out with just editing my blog post photos. (tunnel vision) Have you created any designs in PicMonkey? Try it you might like it!

My daughter is working on her baby registry. I couldn’t help but, take a peek at some Etsy shops for handmade gift ideas and inspiration. Her registry might just grow a bit with me helping!

I just love the idea of a woodland nursery theme. These are the types of things that make me say oh, baby! I am seriously in love.

woodland themed baby items


Now this means I might just have to break down with a little shopping for some handmade supplies, for some pretty fabrics and ribbons or even a gift or two.

On my list to make for baby: A bunch of burping clothes, a pretty banner, a woodland painting or two, and a pretty baby quilt.

Maybe a rag quilt? I saw one that was so pretty all variations of white. Or maybe one with various styled blocks? Speaking of quilting did you know that my affiliate Crafty has a free class a quilt block a month class? I just signed up! There are quilt blocks and techniques from 2012 and 2013. 2014 is all about color theory and various techniques for that. I have 4 1/2 months to put together a special little quilt. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide on!

herb tea and honey on a spoon_Theresa Huse 2014

I can’t complain about the cold, but I am! I am a coastal girl born and raised and when it gets freezing cold I cringe and run for covers. You east coast and snow folks are so strong. I envy your endurance. I couldn’t ever deal with all that comes with the beauty of that snow and harsh winters. It gets really cold here at night but, can warm up during the days quite a bit. The worst of it from Jan. to March. There is a lot of tea drinking going on in my house. You can only drink so much coffee. And although I love coffee I like to sleep good at night so my go to tea is a great peach herbal tea that is caffeine free.

organic honey on a spoon_Theresa Huse 2014

My all time favorite organic honey is from a local farmers market but, only available in the spring. (sorry he has no online shop! He sells straight from his truck) It’s an orange blossom honey which is sweet you don’t have to use much and it has essence of citrus. Oh, how I miss my favorite honey. I might have to buy a giant stash and make everyone else in the community mad at me when I see it and grab it all, lol. In the mean time I am using another organic honey buck / toyon. All this makes me just want to start bee keeping! But,  I did find some orange blossom honey on my affiliate Amazon I might just have to order some until he’s restocked: Organic Mountains 100% Pure Raw Honey, Orange Blossom, 12 Ounce Just remember if your pregnant to get pasteurized honey not raw and don’t feed honey to kids under one. More Orange Blossom Honey & product choices

Things still challenging me:

  • Facebook page interaction and growth. I guess I never focused on it before like some other bloggers had but, I am digging deeper and learning more about Facebook. Stop by and say hi over there!
  • I need to grow my following on Instagram
  • If you add me on these platforms and follow me let me know via a comment so I can follow you back!
  • I am constantly adding to my Blogging Tips board  for the latest tips or me connect with me on Pinterest just because you like pretty and inspiring boards.

I wanted to share a few other things like time management, stress and more organization but, this post was getting a little long. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing my  Behind the Blog Series every few weeks or at least once a month! Be sure to subscribe  and if you follow on  networked blogs – Facebook connection pick another feed reader! I might be saying good bye to that platform I will do a post on that soon and the why behind it. Stay tuned!

What are some of the challenges you are focusing on in the new year? What is your favorite tea or honey?

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  1. I loved this post, Theresa! I’m new to your blog and really appreciate the view into your life “Behind the Blog”. I enjoyed reading about the grandbaby on the way and especially the nursery decorating plans. The color scheme and style sound a lot like the direction I took with the new home I moved into recently. And I was not aware of the PicMonkey site so thanks for sharing that. I, too, only buy local honey but last week I made the mistake of trying something new without doing any prior research – raw buckwheat honey. I wrote to the company because I thought maybe it had gone bad, but they said it was a “love it or hate it” kind of thing. Think I better stick to the Orange Blossum variety as you did! Off to check out your Facebook page now!

    1. Hi Cythina, Glad you enjoyed the post and especially that you found something new via the post. You’ll love PicMonkey it’s easy to use. Hard to find a honey to beat Orange Blossom. Look forward to seeing you on Facebook!

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