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Today I have a few behind the blog things to catch you all up on. You, know that more personal side, plus a new product we’ve tried lately. If you read my blog you know we just had a little grand daughter. I drove up to meet her. I also had the chance to care for my other grand kids while their parents went on a retreat. I wish I was closer to help more.

I would actually would love to move closer but, it’s not as easy done as said. CA is expensive for living. This driving back and forth to see the family, the planning and juggling isn’t fun, plus it’s expensive with gas. I’m missing moments that can’t be given back. But, I’ll take the moments I have when I get them.

Wellington Ukulele Orchestra

On another note Sammie was just in her first big on stage performance with her Ukulele club. They performed at a show that the Wellington Ukulele Orchestra played at the SLO Pac Center. I asked her if she was nervous. She asked would I be on a stage that big? I said, yes a little. When really I meant a lot!

It wasn’t cheap to go see this performance and I finally convinced the Mr. that we should at least get bleeder seats. The funny thing is that is exactly where they ended up sitting when they weren’t performing. I took photos prior to the performance and he snuck one on his iPhone (shhh) during.

She stood on stage in the group, counting down for everyone to start and they performed. They are quite good. Some of these kids have been in the group two years and many play other instruments. What is it like to see your child perform on a real stage? Pretty amazing! No, little school performance that is for sure. The entire, full audience went wild for them.

To warm up they were playing in the lobby as people were coming to get their seats. Who knew, ukulele could be so COOL! I mean geek like cool! As, for the main Wellington Ukulele Orchestra they played all kinds of songs of various types. Appealing to a wide variety. They are a quirky, entertaining and quite fun group to see. You can see some of their videos on You Tube.

Teen playing a Ukulele

Prior to her performance she practiced the ukulele. Then she met up with her club. I said, you’ll be fine just enjoy yourself. She packed her Hawaiian shirt, the Dove dry spray, that we got to try and left. What a night. We picked her back up after at the school. It was mid-night when we got home. She still had the fresh scent (insert smiley face). I guess it’s good we are night owls. But, we had to un-wind, then went to bed.

Sure Dry

Yes, I have a budding musician. I love to sing along with her but, I fear I’m off key most of the time. You know the person most immersed with the show the one who didn’t want to spend the money? lol He works hard in the Excavating industry, sometimes in the office other times in the field. He tried the men’s Dove men care for men. He felt it keeps him cool and has been really great as it can last up to 48 hours.

I have to say I’ve enjoyed trying Dove dry spray too but, prefer the roll on types to aerosol to keep our environment healthier. I love the light scent, how it goes on dry and keeps you dry. You don’t have to spray a lot on to get good results.

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I can’t wait to share all the baby shower love we gave her, it was amazing! When I visit again I’ll take photos of her nursery all done. It is adorable. Perfect, for the little princess. Now, back to my blogging life and working behind the scenes.

What new things have been going on with you?

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