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Ready To Freshen Up Your Linen Closet? Purge The Old, Organize, and Stock up On The New?

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There is no better time than right now to replace household linens for your home decor. Especially, if you are purging, and organizing your linen closets. January is known for it’s white sales. We are sharing our tips for organizing linen closets. How to determine what you need to replace in your linen closet. We are also sharing a few   online sales that may help you when restocking your towels, and linens. 

Linen Closet Organization 

Home organization - Linen closet Organization. Plus spotting some of the prettiest linens, towels, bedding...How to organize you linen closet. DearCreatives.com

You know that moment you open up your linen closet, and everything looks worn? This is what happened to me recently. I went to grab a towel to take a shower, and one of our towels literally just ripped apart. I set it to the side, and grabbed another. It was grungy too. Not soft anymore, worn out, and shredding at the ends from so many washings. The worse part is the guest towels that I got last year are starting to be used as daily towels. Nooo! Bottom line, it’s time to replace our towels. Is that the same for you? 

Before heading to buy new things it’s best to assess what is needed. So, we have been organizing, purging, donating. With that said, our list for replacing towels, and other linens are being made. 

Stack of towels in the linen closet

Want to purge your linen closet too? Here’s how to clean your linen closet, and see what you need. 

Organizing your towels

  1. Pull out all your towels, hand towels, and wash clothes
  2. Go through them all put any that are damaged in a pile (for rags, or to donate to an animal shelter)
  3. Donate any that are usable but maybe you don’t like to Goodwill or a Church Thrift Store
  4. Coordinate the rest into piles for each type of towels IE Bath Towels, Guest Towels, hand towels, wash clothes
  5. Make a count of what items are needed, and how many of each item
  6. Shop for your coordinating colors, prints, patterns for your bathrooms

What is the minimum amount of towels you should own? Showering daily 7 x no. of people in home, washing 1-2 times per week. Example we have 3 living at home, so that would be 21 towels. If washing 2x per week, or showering less we probably can get away easily with 15 towels. *Assuming you are not reusing your towels. Hand towels I swap out daily. 7 is the bare minimum. Wash clothes depends on if you have babies. We don’t anymore. We can get by easily with 7-14 in the house.

Calculate what is right for your home, and family. It also depends on the ages of your kids, if you have a large extended family that stays over, entertain overnight guests a lot, and again if you have babies. Whether you are setting up a new linen closet, updating, or replacing worn linens, you might enjoy this white sale for bed, and bath  30% SALE it’s a two day sale starting Friday Jan 19th. 

Also save up to 25% off Kids’ Home + an extra 20% off Bed & Bath with code HOMEREFRESH Sun-Thurs, starting Jan. 14th. both sales are at Target.

Organizing your linens

Do the same for your sheets by following the same steps above as the towels, tossing out worn. Creating a list of what is needed. At a minimum have two sets of sheets per bed. This is helpful for when washing. Don’t forget to purchase a mattress protector. At least have one per bed but, you’ll have to wash it more often if you only have one. For kids beds consider a waterproof mattress protector.

We use duvet covers on down comforters. Which make it easy to clean them. For our teens bed she has a pretty Pillow Fort comforter set we got from Target. If she ever cleans her room, and keeps it clean I’ll have to share how we have been updating it. We’ll save that for another day, it’s a WIP. 

When organizing a linen closet group like items together, use baskets to organize beauty products or small items See more home organization tips at DearCreatives.com.JPG

Organizing the misc.

Luckily, I have a good sized linen closet. If you don’t have enough space, consider getting a linen cabinet or rolling cart with drawers. I have enough shelves to keep a few extra blankets, and pillows for winter/or for when company comes. Another shelf for a basket with curling irons, straighteners, heating pad, and humidifier.

When organizing your other items in the linen closet keep like items together. Use baskets for organizing for items such as curling irons, straightening rod. Store toilet paper, tissue boxes together. First aid supplies together. 

Keep beauty products, and medicines out of the reach of children. We keep our extra beauty products in the bathroom cabinet.We keep our medicines in the kitchen up high, and locked up. If you have small kids be sure to add locks to any of the cabinets or linen closet to keep kids safely locked out. 

I wasn’t surprised to see that we only use 20% of what we own from an article I read. We have been minimizing,  purging, and organizing in our home. I read that in this helpful article for organizing your linen closet.

My guest towels are grey/white guest towel set with teal edging. You might remember when we fixed up our bathroom last year. You might like to see our tips for bathroom decor, and selecting towels, plus you’ll get how ours looked with a few simple updates. My goal is to freshen up my main bathroom with everyday towels that are stylish, and affordable. Bonus, with the 30% SALE off I may be able to get a few extra items.

Home decor- Sale 30% off bed and bath

Luxury solid bath towels by Fieldcrest ™ comes in 13 color choices. This is a great choice for after your showers. I like keeping these in the linen closet and, having the more decorative stylish towels hanging in the bathroom. 

Kids room bedding by Pillowfort

Want to refresh your kids bathroom or bedding?

  • Catch Target’s sale for that by visiting here, and using code HOMEREFRESH for up to 25 % off kids home decor. Plus, and extra 20% off kids bath through Thursday. 

Another thing I spotted at Target, although a bit off topic is their fitness must have sale. Anyone focusing on their fitness? 20% off Yoga Matts, and fitness must haves. *restrictions apply If your a mom to a teen girl, you can probably benefit from this sale, as track starts soon. 

Miss these sales? Not to worry. Head over to Target to see what’s on sale, shop and get your free shipping with $35. purchase

What types of organizing, and home decor updating are you doing? 



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