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Who loves updating their home? Today I’m sharing home decor ideas, how we decorated our bathroom, and how you can do it yourself. There is something about fall that makes me want to organize my home, nest, and update to the latest home decor styles. We all love designer styles right? I know I sure do but, I also like finding them on point and priced right. If your anything like me this post is for you!

We have a lot of things planned for fall this year. Finishing up home projects, upcycling of a vintage chair to modern look and updating our home decor. We are updating our home decor, room by room! This has me super excited. I love mixing and matching styles. I have lots of home décor ideas. My latest loves are urban styles, hip décor, and clean lines.

  • What kind of style is your home? Are you doing any updates soon? If so don’t miss out the special reader discount at the end of this post!

Easy Ways to Update Your Home

home decor ideas designer living

The first room we have updated is our main bathroom in our home. Since our master bath remodel is still in progress. We first started with sprucing up a few things, watch for that post for all the DIY details, before and after shots. Then we headed over to DesignerLiving.com to pick out our new home decor looks. We spotted so many home décor trends we loved. Seriously, I was back and forth on colors, style and want vs. what we needed.

We narrowed down our home décor selections by choosing colors that went with our current bathroom colors but, that we would love when we paint the walls a bit later. Then we picked our style. We wanted a combo of feminine but, not overly. Since we will have guests besides our teen (Sammie) using this bathroom.

Decorating tips and home décor ideas

  • select a coordinating color scheme
  • pick colors you love and in a style you love / or that are trending
  • don’t be afraid to mix and match colors Afraid to commit? use: pillows on pillows, curtains/rugs, multiple wall colors
  • neutrals like greys, tans, creams, whites and black can help pull a look together
  • don’t forget to use pops of color (accent pieces, artwork, toss pillows, throws)
  • mix and match patterns by keeping them in a similar color scheme or pull from the colors in the patterns
  • textures with color (area rugs, curtains, pouf pillows, baskets)

How to start updating a home

The Urban Habitat brand was one of the new styles we loved!

We updated the shower curtain in the bathroom. 


We picked the Johanna printed cotton shower curtain.


We updated to a curved curtain rod hanger. I love it as it gives you more room in the shower and looks so nice. We hung our Urban Habitat shower curtain with shiny crystal/silver hooks.

For the living room or if you have a lounging chair in the bathroom add a light, soft throw


For our living room, we picked the Lexi color block throw. Once it is out of the packaging for a while the wrinkles go away.


It’s so soft!

Bathroom update

We used the following items to update the look and bathroom decor. We decorated the bathroom with several bathroom decor sets. 

First the bathroom rugs.


The bathroom floor rugs were Madison Park reversible cotton spa rugs. They come in two-three sizes. I took a picture of them in my kitchen so you could see the difference between the sizes.


I love how soft these are on your feet, especially since we have cold tile floors.

Then we updated the Bathroom Towel Set

home-decor-ideas-cotton-jacquard-towel-set Just one of many home decor trends to update your bathroom on a budget

Lita 6 piece cotton jacquard towel set is a nice set of towels. They match the bath accessories set.


We also loved the Intelligent Design Lita 5 piece bath set. This is such an easy way to update the look of a bathroom. The set comes with hand towels.


I love having coordinating bath accessories set. It really keeps things organized and makes it easy for cleaning. The soap dispenser is a good size and easy to fill. There is plug in the toothbrush holder for easy cleaning/rinsing.


Besides loving the entirely new look of our bathroom updates, we still have a few things to fix. We need to add trim under the newly painted cabinets. We used a French Gray satin paint color to paint a tired oak wood/look. We fixed our sink drain stopper. Painting the door and trim around the doorway still has to be done. All these DIY updates will be coming soon.

My favorite pick of everything was the Lexi Color Block Throw. It’s super soft. I might have to get another as we are constantly having throw wars. Two girls one super soft throw, ya it should never be that way! And I was smitten with our shower curtain design. So cheery and fresh!

Scene Stealers – Edgy and Minimal


Besides these home décor accents, Designer Living has furniture, home décor, bath, youth and pet selections all with subcategories. Awesome for all your home décor ideas, updating, and styling. Plus you can see all the colors and styles of Urban Habitat line!

Limited Time Reader Home Décor Discount for Designer Living

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Bedroom updates 


PS. I decided to get curtains to put over Sammie’s blinds in her bedroom. She’s always complaining it’s too bright in the mornings. I got one set of panels but, decided to purchase a second set to make them look fuller. She picked the ones pictured above. I’ll share how they look in another post when showing you how we are updating her room for high school.

We hope you love our home decor ideas, bathroom, and bedroom picks/tips. I’d love to hear if you purchase any of them or decided on another designer style. What do we love about Designer Living? We ordered our picks and they were shipped in multiple boxes in no time flat. Arrived safely, and were of high and good quality. At Designer Living, when shopping online I loved that if anything was out of stock you can get emailed when it comes back into stock. You can sign up for design – trend alerts. There is price matching…

  • We did receive products in exchange for sharing our home décor tips and updates.

What is the first room you’ll be updating this fall?? What home decor ideas and tips to you have to share?

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  1. I love the colors you use! You’re absolutely right about changing out accessories as a way to transform a room inexpensively. I need to do just that with my living room.

    1. Thank Katie. It’s amazing what you can do with a few décor items. Designer Living has quite a bit of choices for all your home needs. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the compliment on colors.

    1. Hey Jill, I hope you do it. Seriously worth the time and a few updates can make such a huge improvement. Somehow, when it looks nice EVERYONE seems to keep it cleaner, ha! Just an added bonus, right?! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a quick and easy way to update a room! I need to switch out the looks in a few rooms, and I love this stuff on this site! thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Lauren, It is easy by switching out a few key items in a room. Bathrooms so easy by swapping out shower curtains, rugs, towels or other accessories. We are making other updates too. I’ve noticed a huge difference in other rooms just by adding curtains over blinds. I just had blinds, which was nice. But, having curtains really kicks it up a k-notch. Toss pillows and throws are another easy way too.

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