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Dear Creatives, You know how much I love baking. So when you find images like these of hearts & pies along with the recipes you know it only adds up to equal sweetness! Love comes in many shapes & sizes, so do pies! I hope you heart these pies as much as I do.

  • How to make an apple tart Carefully cut out , step by step made with love start to finish. This just may be the sweetest apple tart I have ever seen!
  •  Sweetie Pie These Sweetie Pies make the perfect little homemade Valentine treat filled with delicious jam.
  • Valentines Day Hands Pie With Blackberry & nutella 
  • Fresh Strawberry Ginger Pie Something about strawberries cut in half so sweetly & carefully looking like hearts.
  • Cherry Hand Pies 

I also love a good cherry pie. Something about the combination of sweet & a bit sour. I know exactly where my love of pies came from it was thanks to my grandmother. She was an avid baker, lover of sweets & showered us with treats every Sunday dinner at her house. Oh, I can just see those days, sunny even if they were rainy. All the love captured in one big bite of a yummy pie! But, it wasn’t just eating the sweet pies she made,  it was learning how to make them right along side of her. I remember her teaching me about patience right from baking those pies. Knowing that all good things take time & that even sometimes things that aren’t just perfect are still good enough to savor, enjoy & even love. I think that if you want to get something perfect like a pie you just have to get into the kitchen & dirty up your apron, as my grandma would say. Flour flying, sugar pouring, dough rolling pie! How can you not love a good lesson on how to make pies & love every single one down to the last bite! Well, off to get my hands all full of flour.

What is your favorite pie?

Have you ever made a heart pie or tart? 

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