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Tomorrow Sammie goes off to science camp! A whole week of living in a cabin with other girls. Adventures like hiking, archery, night searching for nocturnal animals with three sixth grade classes of boys and girls plus some very brave science teachers. What an experience to have! Great thing we had a chance to try some new Nature Valley products, the timing couldn’t of been more perfect! First of all because her camp packing list looks a little different than my idea. I want to make sure she has a healthy morning start, plenty of healthy snacks with protein to keep her stamina up and of course something she will eat. This is where Nature Valley comes in snacks the entire family can enjoy and you can count on when sending your kids to camp.

No matter where we are I can count on her to like their products. Now I’m not saying this because we had the chance to try their new products for this post. These are my 100% honest opinions and experience with the other products from Nature Valley and the new products that I received from General Mills. If you’ve read my blog for anytime now you know my family lives far away so when we drive I pack up a days worth of snacks and we only stop once along the five plus hour drive. I’ve had my fair share of making choices to stave off this girls hunger!

Items for camp trip

Anyway back to her trip. Her pack list includes:

  • Her favorite snap-back hat
  • Her current read: Black Beauty
  • A coin purse full of money for the camp store
  • Neon Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

What?? Aren’t you missing a few items. Yes! As we head down the check list inserting basics like a sleeping bag and other things…. I have to make my special contributions too! Things I know that are good for her like the new snacks we tried from Nature Valley.

Nature Valley Breakfast biscuits

First there are these New Breakfast Biscuits. No, not big put in the honey wait to bake kind. They are thin, crisp bites wafers with a hint of honey. These are hands down my new favorite. (and Sammie likes them too) For me pull out of the package, go with my morning coffee or just to grab a mid day snack.

package of Nature Valley breakfast biscuits and two breakfast biscuits_

I think these are great for an evening snack just before her nocturnal hikes since they give you 28 grams of whole grain for long lasting energy. *See box for nutrition facts. Perfect for after a day of activities and before a long night hike.

Nature Valley Greek Yogurt Protein Bars_

Then here is the New Greek Yogurt Protein Bars. Bite sized bars of goodness! Packed with 10 grams of protein per bar and only 180 calories per serving! *See box for nutrition facts. These will be great for her mid morning snack to carry her over to lunch time. They contain almonds, peanuts and strawberry flavored cranberries, oh my!

Nature Valley Greek Yogurt Strawberry Protein Bar

Lastly I am having her start the day with a half cup of Nature Valley’s protein crunchy granola Oat’s and Honey. She can top it with fruit supplied by the camp kitchen or mix it into a yogurt. I can feel good know she is eating a healthy breakfast.

bowl of granola and granola on a spoon_

I’m sure to miss Sammie as she ventures off for a new life experience. Coming back just a little more grown up. But, with a little planning, packing and thanks to Nature Valley I can feel a little more comfortable knowing she will have the snacks she needs for the trip that she enjoys.

Girl holding a yogurt granola bar_

Whether you are sending your kids off to camp this spring or summer, camping with the whole family, taking a trip or just enjoying a typical day you might enjoy trying any of these products for yourself. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Be sure to subscribe to come back for a free downloadable packing for camping checklist!

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