DIY Star Wars T-Shirts With Free Templates

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Are you a Star Wars fan? Or maybe your kids are? This DIY Star Wars T-Shirts. Make fabric painted t-shirts. This craft is one out of this world, fun arts and crafts project. It’s hard to believe that there is a new generation of kids that haven’t even seen Star Wars yet! But, will with the new Episode VII The Force Awakens coming out this December making this the perfect time to get your crafts on with today’s Star Wars Inspired arts and crafts Fabric Painting Tee Shirt DIY project.

I have a few grandkids who don’t even know who R2D2, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia or Han Solos are but, they soon will ;). The list of Star Wars characters has grown over the years and evolved with each new movie. That means more characters to pick from when creating your own tee shirt designs. I was only going to do one or two tee-shirts but, once I started I really got into the characters. Do you have a favorite Star Wars character?

DIY Star Wars T-Shirts

Star Wars Inspired Hand Painted Tee Shirt DIY

Let’s get this Star Wars DIY Crafts Tee Shirt Project Started! This is way easier than you think! Here’s what you’ll need.

Fabric Paints for Star Wars Painted Tee Shirt Craft DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paints

Star Wars Tee Shirt Craft Supply List

  • DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paints (colors I used: Pearl, Purple, Lamp Black, Glimmer (glittery clear), Navy Blue, Silver Platinum, and Transparent Medium)
  • Various sized paint brushes ( paintbrush set )
  • Tray for paints
  • Small water container
  • Optional *Stencil
  • Painters tape if using a stencil, and a stencil sponge or brush
  • 100% Cotton Tee Shirts I used White (Note: You must prewash and dried prior to painting and follow directions on bottles prior to washing after your designs!) I purchased mine at Michaels Crafts 2 for $5. on sale.
  • Pencil (erasing is almost impossible, just go over design pencil lightly)
  • Sharpie Black Permanent Marker *optional
  • Paper towels or wipes and Q-Tips for touch-ups
  • Card Board or another barrier for inside tee shirt

DIY Star Wars T-Shirts + Free Templates

Tee Shirt for Star Wars Crafts Tee Shirt with Cardboard insert ready to be painted

First, you need to prewash your tee shirts and dry them. Do not use fabric softener! I didn’t iron my tee shirts. I just put the cardboard inside to protect backside surface. Next, I did smooth out surface I was working on with my hands. If it doesn’t smooth out you might want to iron yours first.

How to make Star Wars T-Shirts

Star Wars Inspired Tee Shirt Designs

I sketched out the Star Wars these inspired designs directly on the tee shirts. Don’t worry about pencil lines as you are going to paint right over them. As a matter of fact, I used a black permanent marker to go over the design once I had a basic design pattern I was happy with.

Close up of Storm Tropper Design on tee shirt being painted with fabric paints

Perfection, not needed. It’s the end result in your looking for. It’s the fabric painting and paint process that really gives the tee-shirt designs life! It’s just like coloring in a color book only with fabric paints.

Storm Trooper Helmet Painted with Fabric Paints

I painted with the various colors for the stormtrooper helmet. Once basic colors are on while the paint is wet layer and blend for dimension. If needed go back over areas when dry for effects. I blended colors for the curves. Typically light will be your highlights when painting, darks your bottom or shadows.

How to paint on fabric and t-shirts

Tips for using fabric paints

  • Always read and follow your fabric paint directions found directly on the back of paint bottles
  • Make sure to pre-wash fabric and do not use fabric softener
  • Put cardboard or another barrier inside of tee shirt prior to painting or using a permanent marker
  • Your paintbrush should be damp but, with all excess water out of the brush for applying
  • Let the paint really soak in
  • If needed give shirt two coats of paint
  • Take your time applying, as getting paint in wrong spots are hard to remove
  • Open bottles away from projects, these paints are great but, some other brands splatter when opening (trust me I know)
  • Follow Directions on the bottle for setting prior to washing! (72 hours wait time and wash inside out)

How to make a galaxy t-shirt

How to Make a Galaxy effect with paints Star Wars DIY

How-to use a galaxy stencil

Using a sponge and stencil on a tee shirt fabric painting

On the back of one of the tee shirts, I made a galaxy. I used the stencil to create part of it then added to it. I wanted it to look like flying through the galaxy. I used the Americana Tie Dye stencil. Then expanded on design.

Stencil laid on a tee shirt ready to be painted

Although the stencil is taped down you really need to hold it in place as you work on it. See image above, I am holding down with one hand and work in small areas.

Hand Painted Galaxy With partial stencil use

Then move on painting sections to until done. For stenciling, I used a stencil sponge. Let it dry and go over with more paint and a dry brush to give it a warp speed effect by swirling fabric paint in short circular motions around the tee shirt. Many times I don’t wash in between colors to give it a more blended look. Be careful with blacks and browns though, these can get muddy looking very easily. Wash in between those colors. Step back and look from far away.

Star Wars Character hand painted Tee Shirts

You might find yourself making more than one Star Wars inspired tee shirts if you start painting. If you do make one I’d love to see it. Post it at our weekly parties or on my Facebook page. May the force be with 

Free Star Wars Templates

Today’s post is brought to you by DecoArt  I am part of the DecoArt Core blogger team. The challenge was to use create a Star Wars-inspired DIY crafts project. I decided to try out their line of fabric paints and was so glad I did. They are amazing. I can’t wait to show you my finished Princess Leia and the steps to make your own.

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