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Kitchen Tools: Why Kitchen Shears Can Be A Cook’s Best Friend!

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As a sewer and crafter Fiskars brand has been my go to scissors. There is a whole history to Fiskars that you might not even know when you use their products, as the company – corporation has a long history dating back to 1649. Their most recognizable product the orange handled scissors we use debuted in 1967. I only recently found this out when I decided to dig deeper into what makes Fiskars scissors one of my go to brands. The history of Fiskars isn’t what today’s post is about. I am sharing about Fiskars new kitchen shears that was added to their scissor lineup and how you can use them!

As I’ve shared before my love of cooking has come from my grandparents. They shared their love of cooking and recipes with me. I love+ getting tools that make my job in the kitchen more efficient, easy, fun and ability to be more creative. Don’t you? Let me share how these three scissors I had a chance to try and review worked, along with my honest thoughts about them with you. And why we think what makes them so perfect for creating amazing meals in the kitchen. Today I’m sharing how I made Our Favorite Chicken Tortilla Soup even easier and quicker! 

Kitchen Tools:

Kitchen Tools That Make Cooking A Breeze!

Kitchen Tools Our Favorite Chicken Tortilla Soup being prepped with kitchen shears

These shears / scissors come with a full lifetime warranty! *see packaging for full details. That’s a big deal to stand by. I’ve used a kitchen scissor that came with my knife set and after time it broke. No, warranty to cover it. They weren’t made like these scissors either. I’m going to break down the three different kitchen shears for you to help you decide which would be a great fit for creating great home meals in your kitchen or even make a great gift for any cooks you know.

Kitchen Tools:

If your just setting up your kitchen it’s important to have an All Purpose Kitchen Shear in the kitchen. They are great for opening packages, along with doing other kitchen tasks. But, Fiskars All Purpose Kitchen Shears are kicking it up a k-notch with their ( 8″) Scissors. 

Fiskars All Purpose Kitchen Shears

All Purpose Kitchen Shears:

  • Serrated Stainless Steel Blades
  • Power notch and herb stripper
  • Contoured handle with Softgrip
  • Take-apart Design
  • Protective Sheath 
  • Dishwasher Safe

Cutting a jalapeno with all purpose kitchen shears

Not only good for opening packages. These all purpose shears are great for stripping stems, mincing herbs and chopping veggies. I loved how easy they were to cut jalapenos up for our soup I was making. They don’t stop there. You can cut also meat and bone. Just remember to wash them in between your herb/veggie and meat use to eliminate cross contamination.

They do pull apart for cleaning and dish-washing. Which makes cleaning easy! An All Purpose Kitchen Shear is the perfect starting tool for your kitchens. These shears can be a cook’s best friend! I constantly use mine for opening packing too and the other tasks mentioned above. 

Next up Fast-prep Kitchen Shears ( 7″)

Cutting Cilantro with Fiskars Fast Prep Kitchen Scissors

Fast Prep Kitchen Fiskars Scissors:

  • Sharp Stainless-Steel Blades
  • Spring-Action Design 
  • Quick Cuts
  • Protective Sheath
  • Dishwasher safe

This handy kitchen shears has a fresh design that makes it easy to chop, mince vegetables and herbs. For quick cutting at any angle these give you great control and performance. You can not take these apart for cleaning but, that’s not really a necessity for this pair of kitchen tools. I loved how sharp they are and the quick action for cutting herbs like cilantro.

Last but, not least the new Heavy-Duty Butcher Shears ( 9″)

Fiskars Heavy Duty Butcher Shears

Heavy-Duty Butcher Shears:

  • Serrated Stainless-Steel Blades
  • Long, Curved Blades
  • Power notch cuts bone without wearing on the blades
  • Easy Action Technology with Spring Action Design
  • Protective Sheath
  • Dishwasher Safe

Cutting cooked chicken with heavy duty butcher shears

These shears give you power to get through meats, poultry and fish. You can even bone, The curved shape allows you to get into tight spaces. These can pull apart for cleaning and dishwasher washing.

Cutting chicken with heavy duty kitchen shears - shears closed on meat

We eat a lot of chicken, this kitchen tool was perfect for us. Making Our Favorite Chicken Tortilla Soup was a breeze for cutting up the chicken into pieces! No more having to chop it all up on a cutting board making additional messes. Another recipe these shears would be great for is our Grilled Chicken Salad with Ginger Dressing. I can’t wait to try them on a new steak salad recipe I found too! I promise to share it soon. 

I didn’t try boning any fish yet but, I am sure the angle they are made will make it easier to pull out bones than a straight blade. 

cooked chicken and jalapenos ready for soup

I have a few new variations of my chicken tortilla soup recipe coming soon! You can use milder chilies in your recipes if you like or seed them to take any heat out. 

Chicken Tortilla Soup scooped up on a spoon

  • All these shears are tested and certified by the NSF, the Public Health and Safety Company which has certified them for home use! 
  • I did receive complimentary Fiskars scissors to facilitate my review and share my 100% honest opinions. 
  • I can honestly say that after trying all three of these kitchen shears there is room for each of them in your kitchens. I don’t have a favorite but, if you can only pick one of these kitchen tools to start I’d pick the All Purpose Kitchen Shears then work your way up to getting the rest! I’m happy to say these are the new must have kitchen tools and would make great gifts for anyone who enjoys cooking or is a cook! They are my new best friends in the kitchen, well that aren’t people. We are giving these our thumbs up <3! 

Kitchen Tools | Fiskars Kitchen Shears

Have you tried any of the new Fiskars kitchen scissors? 

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  2. I LOVE a good kitchen scissor! I use them all the time! I’ll have to check these out though because I have a kitchen tool obsession and I’m not a skilled cooker! 🙂

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