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Journals For The New Year

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Dear Creatives, New Years is almost upon us, with that comes reflections on the year past & resolutions for the coming year. Daily journaling & gratitude journals are a great way to bring  joy to your new year.

Design Sponge

With this simple idea you can track the progress you make throughout the year (s). To make your own that you will love use this simple postcard calendar journal tutorial.





Under The Sycamore

This is a free download & printable for this daily calendar. There is a tutorial on how to print & create it too! I just love the idea of writing down the memorable things daily even if just something simple like Sammie gave me a note that said I love you mom. How great to look back on the simple moments that make life great!





Each day is unique & has its memorable moments, so cherish it!




The Binding Bee

So whether using a calendar or using a traditional journal or daily gratitude journal these are all wonderful ways to brighten your day(s) &  remember your year.


Do you journal? Visual Journal, art journal, writing journal or gratitude journal? Daily or weekly?

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