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Garnier Olia Hair Coloring Product #Review

Dear Creatives, I was given the chance to review Garnier Olia Hair Coloring Product. Now, this might not be for everyone, but for me there are those in-between times when you need some help with your hair color. Having no ammonia & said to cover gray hairs I had to give it a try. Salon visit $90.+ tip or more Garnier Olia MSP between $8.95-10.95 . Now to share more about my experience & the review of Garnier Olia Hair coloring product.

Hair Color results Hair, Hair Coloring Step By Step with  Garnier Olia Theresa Huse 2013 DearCreatives

{You can click to enlarge & see the before with gray hair 3rd photo from the bottom}

For this product review I didn’t make my scheduled appointment with my hairdresser & there are those times when she is on vacation or either of us are sick so this does happen. Having gray hair for me doesn’t fit my personality nor how I feel about life & myself! This was the perfect chance to try out a hair coloring product with no ammonia. One that is less harsh, has less smell & is said to do the trick when covering those gray hairs that I wish I could just WISH away & seem to grow back in all too fast.

This package comes complete with gloves, developer, color, conditioner & bottle, plus full instructions. It is easy to use & if you have never colored your hair read the directions all the way through first!! Two reasons 1. Not all hair coloring steps are the same 2. You need to be careful when coloring your hair. From my experience never pick a color that is too far from your original hair color or colored hair color. Leave that to the professionals! Nobody wants orange hair. But, if you do want to consider a big change you can consult with Garnier on the phone.

Garnier Olia Hair Color Shades

The color Garnier Olia color I picked was 5.3 Medium Golden Brown 60% Oil Blend with Natural Flower Oils. Maximum color performance& said to improve & restore hair.

  • Pure, vivid, long lasting color
  • softer, shinier hair with bounce
  • 100% gray coverage
  • *with no ammonia

When in natural lighting, indoors it is very similar to the color on the box in image above, but when in the sun all the golden brown highlights are just so vibrant! When I first colored my hair then conditioned it I didn’t  use shampoo I just rinsed the color out & conditioned it following the instructions. This left a little dry feel to my hair at first. (*see what happened after I washed with shampoo & their conditioner) There was no ammonia or chemical smell which was nice. The product is not runny it is a nice creamy consistency for applying & easy to apply. I had no trouble using the shaped applicator bottle. *After washing my hair with shampoo the next time & conditioning it I just blew dry it straight. I have wavy hair. When washing my hair it is so soft feeling. I could feel the conditioner at work. I love the color! It is vibrant in the sun & just a pretty shade of brown indoors. The Mr. noticed right away.

Hair Colored, Hair, Garnier Olia Theresa Huse 2013

I don’t always have success when coloring my hair & there have even been times when I have cried over results even having to seek out a hairdresser, but if this is how my experience was every time I’d consider doing my hair myself more often saving me money for other things & only having the cost of a haircut! If you have ever doubted if a non ammonia product would cover gray this is the one to try, but it may not be the same as the rest of the color in some instances! My grey sides  by my ears turned a blondish & not the full brown but, it did take away the gray. Another great thing when reading the box I noticed they are using packaging from responsible sources & the carton is recyclable. I love it when companies think about environmental issues. Here are the final results of using Garnier Olia;

  • Color:  Good! Color amazing
  • Covering Gray: 97% 3% lightened & not full color (no gray)
  • Ease of Use: Easy
  • Conditioning: No brittle feeling after first shampooing + conditioning
  • Recycle packaging 
  • Price: average $10.95 Walmart $8.97 (at time of writing this post)
  • Would I use it again: Yes

Do you color your own hair? Have you tried Garnier Olia? 

I was sent a coupon for Garnier Olia hair color to try because I am a BzAgent  & to perform the review, sharing my honest results. These are my honest opinions of the use of the product. Use hair product s at your own digression. Your experience may vary from mine.

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  1. says

    I used the Light Blonde – my hair is light brown/blonde roots with a lot of grey – and the ends were blonde. It covered the grey pretty good and my hair feels good but I now have med brown hair – very few highlights left! That is not what I was going for. The light blonde indicates on the box that brown hair would be med blonde and grey/highlights light blonde. Not. I will see what happens after a couple of shampoos as sometimes the color changes so if it improves I’ll write another review. Also, I have issues with my head getting irritated and won’t know on that until tomorrow. It just gets itchy and painful in some areas – I had not changed hair color so guess it is aging skin/scalp – will report back on that too.

    • says

      Gail, My daughter is a cosmetologist. I know it can be expensive depending on where you go, but with scalp problems & excess grey I know there are other formulas they can mix up. & if your head itches only after dying you can be allergic to something in the dye. Maybe you should try to go to a professional, if you possibly can. Wishing you the best.