The Silent Thief Movie Review

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Dear Creatives, I was invited to watch the movie The Silent Thief & review it. The Silent Thief played at the Omaha Film Festival in March & is being presented this April at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, along with the Roma Independent Film Festival.{details at end of post} This movie isn’t going to be for the family, as it is a psychological thriller.

It begins with a young adult grifter who is constantly taking photographs. He finds an ad for a room rental & takes the whole page & goes to meet the family who is renting the room. They are quite trusting & don’t check on his background. At first impressions they like him & take him as a renter.

Brennen {the grifter} works his way into the family dynamic one by one, all the while something seems quite off about him. The father isn’t too sure about Brennen, it was the mother who wanted to take in a renter. When the son comes home from college & it brings out something in Brennen. You never are quite sure what to expect from Brennen. The movie has some very adult themes intertwined throughout. The ending is not expected & I don’t want to spoil it for those who view it. This movie draws out the tension with a push & pull, just enough to have you watching & wanting to see what will happen.


Typically I don’t watch psychological thrillers, but thought given the chance it is good to view something out of my comfort zone. This movie keeps you on edge with enough story to ease the tension creating its own ebb & flow. Two of the actors I have enjoyed in the past are in the film are Frances Fisher and Kurt Fuller.The younger cast members were Toby Hemingway, Cody Longo, Josh Pence & Scout Taylor-Compton. To see the full cast line up visit here IMbd  Official Website & clip The Silent Thief.

Director: Jennifer Clary (debut feature film)

Jennifer Clary with actor Kurt Fuller at work on the film.

Here are a few photos of Jennifer Clary at work on the filming of The Silent Thief .



A shot of the scene where Brennen is on the pier.


Jennifer Clary

Jennifer Clary graduated Vassar College in 2004 & is an award winning film maker. {about} Jennifer’s short films Dirty Girl & Christmas Conspiracy both achieved substantial acclaim & secured distribution.



  • Jennifer Clary writer- director
  • Kevin Haberer
  • Chris Sapp


The Silent Thief (Trailer 1) from Kevin Haberer on Vimeo.

Official Website The Silent Thief

Independent Film

Rating: N/R

Run time: 106 minutes


March 2012 Omaha Film Festival

Coming up: April 2012

Palm Beach International Film Festival   – The Silent Thief tickets & clip

Roma Independent Film Festival The Silent Thief schedule

If you are near either location in April just go to the links to find out more about seeing Jennifer Clary’s feature film debut. Good luck Jennifer with your movie The Silent Thief at the film festivals & I look forward to hearing about your experience & viewing more of your films!

What types of movies do you enjoy?

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any form for sharing the information about The Silent Thief the photographs & movie trailer were supplied to me by Jennifer Clary of {jenkevproductions.com} to enable me to review. These are my honest opinions about the film.



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