Go Daddy Website Builder Review And New Shop Announcement!

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Recently I had the chance to review and build a site from GoDaddy’s Website Builder. Between working on that and preparing for my NYC trip I’ve been off the hook busy! What’s great about the interface is you really don’t have to be tech savvy. They have many different styled templates for you to pick from. Then you can upload, drag and drop until you  have it set up the way you want your site to look. I’m going to share a few pros and cons in case you’d ever want to consider creating your own site with GoDaddy’s Website Builder.

Some of the Benefits to GoDaddy’s Website Builder;

  • The price for a year is really reasonable
  • The interface was easy to use
  • If you are on social media platforms you can easily link Twitter and Facebook
  • They have apps such as Paypal buttons to allow you to sell items (all you need is your PayPal account set up and your PayPal email)
  • As you set your site up you save it as you make changes
  • You can add things like your Twitter and RSS feeds
  • My template had a slide show slider
  • There are photo and photo gallery options
  • Although I didn’t need the customer service help it is there if you do need it
  • There are many choices for text, size, color
  • There are contact forms, set up is easy
  • You can even add your copyright to site
  • Walks you through setting up Page SEO when your ready to publish

It was easy to use! But, here are a few of the cons to the GoDaddy’s Website Builder;

  • The interface can be slow or clunky at times when moving stuff around
  • I didn’t see  a way to have customers pay for an item such as a stock photo and allow purchaser to immediately be able to download it
  • After you make changes you need to republish your page for them to show up, not really a big deal and this is only after you make changes to your site after you have published it!
  • I might find things I don’t like as I go along but, this is it so far!

Go Daddy DIY website builder site snapshot

I’ll update you to share how I am liking the new shop site as things move along. I’ll be adding some stock photos for bloggers and pricing will be fair! I’ve also added a request form in case you need special ones taken. This is also where I’ll be adding artwork, crafts, banners and special custom orders. With that said, you can take a peek at the new shop here: ShopDearCreatives.com Be sure to let me know if you like the new shop! Or if you need any services!

Shop Dear Creatives Shop

I #GotItFree from BzzAgent for facilitating my review.

I didn’t have to share this I thought if your interested in viewing exactly what GoDaddy Website Builder is all about take a look at this video! Go Daddy is having a big sale at the time of this post their sites are priced;

  • Personal – $1.00 a month 83% savings
  • Business – $5.99 a month 40%
  • Business Plus- $10.99 a month 26%
  • Free Domain with website *restrictions apply
  • Visit Go Daddy site to see full details! See Websites, drop down menu DIY Websites

In my opinion if you have never run a website this might be a good option for you! Another bonus is you can change things at any time! You can find plenty of reviews online and at BzzAgent check it out for yourself!

Have you tried Go Daddy’s Website builder?

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