Fashion Trends Daily: Must Have Cinderella Styles

Fashion Trends Daily |Fashions -Trixxi Sequin Tulle Dress

One thing about having a house full of girls over the years is the never ending love of fashions. There are so many occasions where you help them dress up like princesses. Sammie’s middle school preps them for high school. Whether it’s educational or fun. Right now they are going to be having a spring […]

Kitchen Tools: Smoothie 101 Zero To Hero Must Haves!

Kitchen Tools | Smoothie 101 Kitchen must haves

Did you read yesterdays blog post? I shared a recipe for smoothies and then rounded up 25 other ones to get you on track and ready for blending all year long! When it comes to blending smoothies there are a few good things to know. If you plan on doing it all the time it’s […]

Smoothie Recipes: A to Dr. Oz Delicious And Healthy Must Try s!

easy recipe ideas |Healthy Smoothie_Strawberry Banana Moringa Smoothie in a glass 25 must have smoothie recipes

Today I’m sharing a smoothie recipe! Spring is the perfect time of year to start blending up healthy drinks and substitute a meal for a smoothie. Smoothies can be made all different kinds of ways. You don’t have to have a fancy blender, of course it’s nice if you do though. Just watch out for […]

LinkUp Party: My Favorite Things Party 109 Join Us!

linkup party |my favorite things linkup button dearcreatives

Happy Saturday! Time for My Favorite Things Party! If you are a blogger I hope you can join in this weeks party. Not a blogger grab some inspiration and recipes for yourself. Be sure to drop by next week to see who’s featured and join in again. We’ll all be dropping by after the weekend […]

Easy Chicken Recipes:125 Best Chicken Recipes Cookbook

125 Best Chicken Recipes- chicken wings recipe

We have been on the biggest chicken kick lately can you hear me saying “Winner, winner chicken dinner!”?  Then the reality sinks in how to get off the treadmill of the same old recipes. Well, luckily I tried two new recipe cookbooks the first called 125 Best Chicken Recipes.What’s great about this cookbook is the […]

Kinsights Community: Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! $50!

Community | kinsights | parents communityGiveaway | kinsights giveaway

Hey all, here’s a giveaway I’m sharing!Who doesn’t love a chance to win a little cash? Amazon cash that is! All you have to do is enter to get a chance at winning. Plus if you read below you can find out some great information about Kinsights who is sponsoring this giveaway!If you are a […]

Easy DIY Projects:Leather Fringe Tassel Necklace

Easy DIY Projects | Leather Tassel Necklace

Today I have another easy diy project for you it’s a leather fringe tassel necklace. As mentioned in my other jewelry project I consider myself a novice but, with using tutorials or trying along with practice anyone can do this! I have to admit this is one that I modified from a tutorial I saw. […]

Fresh Beauty Tips For Springs Dewy Skin Look

Beauty Tips | Dewy Skin

Did you watch the Oscars? Well, you don’t have to be an actress to get those beautiful dewy skin looks. Ah, you thought I’d be talking about their fashions. They were great too but, realistically when do we ever dress up like that? We can drool, swoon, wish and maybe there are a few occasions […]

Quick Family Breakfasts: Quaker Steel Cut Oatmeal Review & Recipes

Quick Family Breakfasts|Quaker Steel Cut OatmealQuaker Steel Cuts Oatmeal Review -|Quick 3 minute Oatmeal |How to cook Quaker Steel Cut Oats 3 minute oatmeal

You know how I’m on this big kick about starting my day off with breakfast along with my coffee. Well, I had the chance to try Quaker’s Steel Cut Quick 3 Minute Oatmeal which is perfect for our quick family breakfast line up. I tried the brown sugar and cinnamon flavor. Seriously they are two […]

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