Beginning Gardening Tips That Include Mulching Tips!

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Beginning gardening tips. How you start a garden and maintain your garden is not as hard as you’d think. I’m sharing a few tips and tools to help you achieve great results in the garden. Gardening success begins with good soil and adding mulch to your garden. You can do this in the springtime or any time of year. Doing this helps the earth and your garden. Plus you get to benefit from having a pretty lawn or growing healthy plants, herbs, or a vegetable garden. 

When it comes to my garden I am always looking for ways to be greener while helping to maintain it. I love growing roses, raised bed gardening, herb, and vegetable gardening. It’s hard to keep lawns pretty where we live and the heat and frost can be harsh on plants. That’s where mulching comes into play. 

Beginning Gardening Tips

How to start a garden, mulch and maintain it. Beginning gardening tips. DearCreatives.com

This was originally a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Affiliate links may be included in the post. This post has been updated to help you start gardening and gain knowledge about mulching. 

How do to improve your garden’s soil? 

Do you want a healthier lawn, outdoor plants, or vegetable garden? First, you need to improve your garden’s soil. I want to produce healthier flowers, lawns, plants, and vegetables while protecting the soil. Mulch is a great way to enhance sustainable gardening. One of the ways you can improve your garden is by using mulch.

By using a mulch like Scotts Naturescapes you can prevent weeds naturally. It is great for mulching around trees, plants, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables after plants have sprouted and or developed. I want my herb garden, flower, and rose gardens to be as healthy as possible. 

Living in the area of Central Coast of CA. I am always looking for gardening supplies that will help protect my plants from the heat and the frost. Enabling, conserving, and enhancing precious soil. My daffodils and roses survived the frost thanks to mulching! 

Garden Tools Set - 9 Piece Gardening Kit - Easy

How do you start a garden?

Having a garden, raised herb bed, a raised vegetable garden or a small flower garden doesn’t have to be hard. Start with a few select gardening tools. It’s all you really need to get started, along with a gardening plan. Pick out what you are going to plant, and purchase seeds or plants to grow.

Steps for Starting 

  1. Prepare your soil. (how to prepare your garden soil) (how to mulch)
  2. Plant seeds or plants with proper spacing and in the proper sun or shade area based on the type of plants you are planting.
  3. Water mindfully and Weed your plants. (article 10 basic gardening tips for beginners)
  4. Keep up with your garden chores. (article 10 steps to beginning a garden
  5. Start small and grow what your family will eat. (article vegetable gardening tips for beginners)

Gardening Tools And Supplies You Will Need To Start A Garden

  1. Gardening Books (Basic Organic Gardening) (Vegetable Gardener’s Bible) (Raised Bed Gardening For Beginners)
  2. A pair of Gardening gloves is a must-have!
  3. Purchase essentials like a Gardening Hoe
  4. Gardening Rake to get up dropped leaves…
  5. Rose pruners – are a must-have if you have roses. Use them to prune off deadwood, prune for new growth…
  6. You will need a good quality Garden Hose that doesn’t kink.
  7. Grab a Garden bucket they are handy for moving small amounts of debris from the garden or gathering up fruits and vegetables you grow. 
  8. Garden Bucket With WheelsThis is good for gardening and picking up leaves, pruning cuttings, or grass cuttings)
  9. Plant Garden Seeds 
  10. Wildflower Seeds
  11. Herb Seeds 
  12. Scotts Nature Scapes mulchAdd mulch around plants, trees, and flowers/
  13. EZ Seed and Patch Repair Sun and Shade Mulch (Great for lawns)
  14. Lawn seeds or Patch and Repair Seeds
  15. Garden Tool Set For Women or this Scuddles Garden Tool Set either of these gardening tool sets are perfect for getting in the garden and caring for plants and flowers, or…

Herb Garden Seeds for Planting - 10 Medicinal Herbs Seed

  • You can purchase more things as you need them. Or if you want to expand your garden.
  • Start with exactly what you need.
  • Add to it as you gain gardening skills and knowledge.

How do you know how much mulch you need? Use the Mulch Calculator 

  • Use this mulch calculator, enter your garden dimensions and it will help you determine how much mulch you will need. 

Remember mulch will help maintain moisture, prevent weeds, and helps with your landscaping all year long. It’s perfect for your gardening needs. We all want results like this lush garden. Right?! 

I want to create a dream garden to sit, in and read in like this! Don’t you? But, honestly, I am already switching my garden to have more drought-tolerant flowers, succulents, and low water plants. Plus a raised bed for herbs and one for a small vegetable garden. I can’t wait to share more about that. 

I am so happy that spring is here and I can work in our backyard garden. Follow us on Pinterest as we pin products and articles to help you achieve a healthier garden and get started planting a garden. Gardening and doing it yourself is really rewarding. If you are new or thinking about starting a garden and have any questions just tag me on Twitter @DearCreatives or ask me via message on my Facebook page. I have always had at least a small garden. And when we lived in the outskirts of town (out in the country) I used to garden large 1/4 and 1/2 acre plots. Mostly herbs, vegetables, and a few of my favorite flowers

When is the last time you mulched your garden? What are your favorite plants to grow? Do you enjoy gardening?

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    1. Hi Rachel, Me too. Our backyard it getting there. We have trees that are getting bigger & shading lawn area. & part we planted bulbs. On the back fence area I planted roses all the way across & then a small raised bed herb garden area. I’d like more flowers, but it gets extremely hot in the summer. Dessert type weather for part of the season.Mulching is the easy part & helps protect the soil.Happy planting!

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