Healthy Snack Ideas For Your Busy Active Lifestyle

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Are your kids back to school? Are you starting to get back into your daily routines? Working out or daily walks? Are you looking for healthy snack ideas? I am starting to get back into daily walking. I have been over these heat waves we have been having. Finally, our mornings are beginning to cool down. Do you like walking and hiking? We really enjoy the outdoors, nature, and a healthy lifestyle. Today we share a few photographs from our hike to Armstrong Woods along with a new healthy snack we tried.

For me having family, friends, and even dogs to walk, and hike with always makes it more fun! We bring water and healthy snack bars for our walks. We also bring gear for the dogs if they come. For long hikes or days out we pack a lunch too. Looking for something else? Be sure to see our posts on healthy living

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We take turns supplying the snacks, and lunches for after our group walks or hikes. For the dogs, we bring collapsible bowls to fill with water. We recently decided to do a group hike at Armstrong Woods. It’s an awesome place to go hiking. Have you been there? It’s north of me about five hours but, that’s where I was recently. We took a family hike, spending time in the redwoods. 

Hiking In Armstrong Woods 

Are you looking for healthy snack ideas We are sharing a review of the Perfect Bar and Mini Perfect Bar snacks along with hiking at Armstrong Woods Park, Ca. find out more dearcreatives.com

Hiking and healthy snacking go hand in hand. We packed our Perfect Bars, water and we were on the go. Off for our hike in Armstrong Woods.

I have to say it’s bitter-sweet that Sammie is finally back to school. She doesn’t get to join us very often now. Part of me knows she only has a few years left with me. Then she’s off to college. If your kids are younger I hope you enjoy every minute as it goes so quickly! Be sure to get outside with them, even if it’s only to the park. It’s a great way to teach them about nature, and being healthy. 

a mom strollering her baby on a trail at Armstrong Woods park DearCreatives.com

When I visit my daughter she pushes the young ones in a double stroller. Her school-age kids walk or hike with us. She’s kind of like me. We love getting together with friends, and family taking a “housebreak” with a refreshing outdoor walk, hike (or occasional run in her case). There is something about fresh air, nature, and letting the kids loose. Getting outdoors makes tackling the rest of the day and life a bit easier. 

Perfect Bar 

A healthy option for snacking! 

healthy snack ideas - DearCreatives.com Peanut butter bars and so many other flavors to pick from.

Sammie’s on the tennis team and carrying a full load of honors classes. She is also taking STEM classes. Packing her lunch this year is a must. She is trying to eat healthily. We are including fruits, veggies, and proteins. Snacking includes healthy snacks. Like the ones we tried; Perfect Bar, and Mini Perfect Bar snacks. 

Moms hiking on a trail with kids © 2017 DearCreatives.com

Our favorite walks and hikes take us to the beach, the redwoods, or trails, like these hikes at Armstrong Woods Park. For quick daily walks, we can walk down through our neighborhood nearby the Salinas river, loop the trail and head back home. Typically within 30-45 minutes. (They aren’t nearby each other.) The Armstrong woods hike was our farewell to summer hike. You can see more photos on my Instagram where I share a lot of photos of nature, travels, and occasionally some personal updates. Be sure to follow me there too. 

Armstrong Redwood Park Trail California © 2017 DearCreatives.com

This last time when it was my turn to supply the hiking snacks, I shared the Perfect Bar and Mini Perfect Bar snacks with my group. Win/win. We are on the calendar for sharing team snacks for Sammie’s tennis team, and this is a great choice for the team. (We always check, and luckily no one has allergies.) 

Healthy Snack Ideas

Perfect Bars and Mini Perfect Bars

healthy snack ideas - DearCreatives.com see our review: Perfect bars and mini Perfect bars an organic healthy snack option.

Have you tried them? It was my first time. I really enjoyed how they tasted. I was surprised I loved the peanut butter minis so much. I like peanut butter but, it’s not my go-to flavor. The mini size is great for smaller kids. They are great for an afternoon pick-me-up too, as they are packed with good stuff.

  • Made with freshly ground nut butter and organic honey
  • Every bar is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, and made in the USA
  • Contains 20+ superfoods (like kale, apple, and spinach), and proteins.

Below is the full-sized blueberry Perfect Bar. 

 healthy snack ideas - DearCreatives.com Perfect Bars review

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Keep the Perfect Bars and Mini Perfect Bars fresh by storing them in the refrigerator. 

healthy snack ideas - DearCreatives.com keep Perfect Bars in the fridge or in pantry for up to 1 week. Perfect Bar Review

The Perfect Bars are made with freshly ground nut butters, and organic honey. To me they are almost like healthy cookies, at least the blueberry ones seem like it. Since they are made with organic binders such as organic honey it’s best if you keep them refrigerated. Although you can take them out for your hikes with no problem, and they can stay fresh out of the fridge for up to one week.

We stock our fridge with healthy organic foods; snacks, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and organic juices. We really are trying to be more mindful of our choices. 

The Perfect Bars are a great healthy snack for the pre, post-walk, hike, or workout. I found out they have them in my local Target store, which makes restocking easy! 

  • Want to find out more? Where to shop for them? Visit: PerfectBar
  • Or head over to Amazon to purchase Perfect Bars.

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Do you have favorite places to walk or hike? 

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