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I have to admit I don’t always have the time to make really nice dinners. Sometimes I break down & come up with something easy. I thought I’d share an easy recipe with you that I find myself making once a month. I’ll also share how I plan on getting better at my cooking & food skills by taking advantage of Craftsy’s 25% Off Food & Cooking Classes! And if you are already a better cook than me who creates their own recipes then you might like to find out more about how to win a free class by submitting your recipe to Craftsy! But, first here’s my quick & easy tacos! Because every now & then you need something easy.

Taco on a plate_Taco with lettuce and cheese_DearCreatives.com_Theresa Huse 2013

  • Take lean ground beef & cook it up in a pan.
  • If there is any grease spoon it out of the pan & discard it properly.
  • Next I open up a can of canned chili with beans & add it to the cooked ground beef.
  • Allow that to heat up on low stirring occasionally.
  • Shred lettuce, cheese. Cut up any other veggies such as cilantro, onion, tomato, avocado… Set to side.
  • In a separate pan I fry up corn tortillas & place on a plate cover with paper towels to soak up oil.

Now your dish is ready to serve! Just top with salsa & sour cream if  you like. Make a side dish of Mexican Rice. Quick & easy. (you can also use your left over homemade chili in the recipe & of course you can substitute with ground turkey + turkey chili!)

Taco and Mexican Rice on a plate_Theresa Huse 2013

Now, I don’t always want to open a can up to make my dinners. This is where Craftsy comes in. I love Craftsy for learning that’s why I became an affiliate to learn more & share their offers. So I am excited to tell you about their Online Food & Cooking Catagory.

Did you know that Craftsy has an entire category of online classes dedicated to food and cooking? I meant to share this earlier in the month but, sometimes things get a little hectic around here.

Right now & for the rest of the month you can receive 25% off Food Classes at Craftsy when you use this link:

Remember the great thing about the classes- if you are too busy to take them right now they will be in your Craftsy profile area where you can access them anytime! & they also have a 100% guarantee *see site for full details.

Not only that but, if you are a foodie you might like to Submit your own recipes to the Craftsy contest for a chance to win a free Food Class and include this link: Craftsy Recipe Sharing Submission Page

I know a lot of you have recipe to share! Are foodies or are interested in cooking. Just visit Craftsy for all the details.

Besides a whole list of classes being offered, I am excited about this free class. I have made pizza before but my sister in law is gluten free now so this is perfect timing to learn how to make one for when we are all together that is going to be gluten free! Of course if you rather make a pizza regular you can! Craftsy covers both!

 Free Pizza Making Class, which covers regular and gluten free pizza!

What type of cooking do you like to do? Cooking? Baking? Gourmet Cooking?

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  1. Your tacos look great! I love taco night at my house–I’m going to have to try adding the chili and beans next time!
    Thanks for sharing today at the Daily Blog Boost!
    ~ Brooke ~

    1. Hi Brooke, Oh thanks this was a fast photo not much making it look super pretty but, they are super quick & easy + good. I think you’ll like them. I have also made quesadillas that way too. Thanks for stopping by!

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