Cloud Rainbow Kids Paper Craft Fun Learning Activity

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Today we are sharing fun and easy kids craft. You can use crafts for kids to teach your kids or grand-kids their colors, cutting, and gluing skills. Grab the free template, with step by step instructions to make this Cloud-Rainbow kids paper craft project

If you enjoy paper crafts you will have fun with your kids or grandkids making this kawaii style cloud-rainbow easy crafts for kids. It’s a great summer crafts idea or back to school project. 

Cloud-Rainbow Kids Craft


Cloud-Rainbow kids paper craft with free template. Easy to make kids crafts to help them learn cutting, gluing, and their colors. Grab free template and instructions at DearCreatives.com #kidscrafts #kidspapercrafts #papercrafts #rainbow #cloud #kawaii #fun #easy #freetemplate #artsandcrafts

Paper Crafts for Kids 

Rainbow Paper Craft 

List of Craft Supplies:

Free Template click link to print/download –  (Cloud Rainbow Template)

Instructions (paper craft for kids step by step)

step (1) cloud - rainbow easy kids craft. DearCreatives.com #papercrafts #kidscrafts cloud, and color papers

Step (1)

Gather the selected colored craft papers and the white stationary paper. Trace the patterns from the template on the selected papers and cut out the patterns nicely.

step (2) outlining the cloud, add eye lashes, and smile for kids paper craft DearCreatives.com

Step (2)

Take the cloud pattern and trace a thin border along the side using a black pen or marker (optional). Use the pen or marker to draw the face of the cloud.

step (3) glue pink circles (dots) one to each cheek of the cloud. DearCreatives.com

Step (3)

Take the 2 pink circles and glue them on both cheeks of the cloud.

step (4) cloud with strips of color paper cut for the rainbow DearCreatives.com

Step (4)

Flip the cloud to the other side and place it on a flat surface. Arrange the 7 rainbow color (cut out craft papers) from the opposite direction (starting from red).

step (5) shows how to glue rainbow colored paper to cloud for kids paper craft DearCreatives.com

Step (5)

Start to glue the cut out papers on the bottom end of the cloud’s backside

step (5) shows how to glue rainbow colored paper to cloud for kids paper craft DearCreatives.com.

Step (6)

Keep in mind to glue the colors appropriately (purple, blue, sky blue, green, yellow, orange, and red).

step (7) cloud with rainbow colors attached to the back with glue DearCreatives.com

Step (7)

Done gluing all the rainbow colors? Turn the cloud to the other side.


step (8) bottom of rainbow paper cut at a diagonal DearCreatives.comStep (8)

You may keep the ends of the rainbow strips as they are or you can also cut diagonal ends as I did, looks great!

Step (9)

Allow the glue to dry and done!

Fun kids craft with free template. Easy to make cute cloud rainbow paper craft for kids Dearcreatives.com #kids #papercrafts #kidscrafts #kidsactivities #fun #easy #freetemplate #stepbystep #papercraftsforkids

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