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Seasonal Flower Embroidery Craft Book Review

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Seasonal Flower Embroidery” is a craft book. The author is Kazuko Aoki. Do you do embroidery?

Embroidery was a craft that I learned as a teen and did alot when my kids were young. I loved learning how to stitch by hand and made many projects. Hand stitching is perfect for doing indoors, at night while watching a show, or when you are looking for projects to make for gifts. It’s a relaxing and fun craft to do.

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Seasonal Flower Embroidery

Embroidery Craft Book - Seasonal Flower Embroidery - embroidery projects for every season for new and seasoned stitchers. Find out more and see the review at DearCreatives.com

This is an embroidery craft book, ” Seasonal Flower Embroidery .” The author was inspired by a flower shop in Tokyo. The book is for new and seasoned embroidery stitchers.

  • I received this embroidery craft book for free.
  • There are how-to tutorials, templates, and instructions for simple and elegant projects. The book has 25 featured motifs and designs.
  • Find projects to embroider for every season of crafting. This is awesome as you can make embroidery gifts using this craft book.

There are helpful lessons and tips included. The book goes over stitching techniques, embroidery stitches, essential tools, and materials.

Gifts and projects you can make with the instructions are

An embroidered brooch, a basket pouch, an herb wreath bag, an autumn book cover, and framed flower jugs (inside embroidery hoops). My favorite projects from the book are a rose case holder and the flower vase pin cushions. There are spring gift projects, summer gift projects, autumn gift projects, and winter gift projects.

My thoughts on the embroidery book

I think the book is inspiring. There are two pages in the book that include illustrated stitches. There is a page with an overview of embroidery tools. The book goes over recommended embroidery floss colors for the projects. Along with patterns and assembly instructions. Embroidery is the perfect grab-and-go craft. Or craft to pick up, set down, and return to doing later.

Seasonal Flower Embroidery: A Year of Stitching Wild Blooms and

Who is this embroidery craft book for?

Are you a quick learner, or an intermediate or skilled embroider? There will be something in this book for you to make. My recommendation is you have some embroidery experience and are not a total novice. But, if you are a quick learner and have done other hand-sewing projects you can do these projects. Or use the book to inspire you and make the embroidery projects. The photographs are beautiful, and if you love flowers, florals, or nature you will enjoy this book and the projects.

Flip Through The Book

See a video flip-through of the book.

Buy The Embroidery Book

Or give this embroidery book as a gift to someone who enjoys embroidery!

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