Inspirational Books For Women

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Are you looking for inspirational books? Use this book list of inspirational books for women. Read about inspiring women, get motivation and be empowered. It doesn’t have to be International Women’s Day or Women’s History Month to be inspired by women. But, yeah for both. Read about successful women today or women in history!

Inspirational Books for Women

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I am all for reading for fun and entertainment. But, I also enjoy reading books that are biographies or tell us a back story of the importance of famous women, women’s contributions to our world and  women in history. Are you ready to be inspired or read an inspiring book about a powerful woman or women? Or grab a book to read with your teenage daughter’s or grand daughters? (and even sons)

What is on your reading list? Have you read any of these books on this book list already? Which ones and how did you like them? Continue the conversation on social media @dearcreatives #currentlyreading #onmybooklist #inspiringwomen If you follow me on Instagram you can see what I am currently reading. 

Books every woman should read

Inspiring Women

Breaking the ceiling for women in the legal world has been Ruth Bader Ginsburg. With a movie about her life On The Basis of Sex or through these books you can see the impact she made in the justice system and for women. 

Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  1. Notorious RGB The life and times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  2. The Unstoppable Ruth Bader Ginsburg 
  3. My Own Words Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Becoming Michelle Obama is the inspiring memoir of the former first lady. 

In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over

200 Women: Who Will Change The Way You See The

  • 200 Women: Who Will Change The Way You See The World   This book was inspired by our idea to persuade two hundred women in different parts of the world – whether they be rich or poor, black or white, educated or uneducated, famous or unknown – to sit or stand in front of a plain sheet of fabric and to be photographed and filmed while answering five fundamental questions. What really matters to you? What brings you happiness? What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? What would you change if you could? Which single word do you most identify with?

Books about women’s empowerment, women’s history, motivational books for women and inspiring women

  1. The Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou Poet and Author
  2. The Book of Awesome Women From the fore-mothers who blazed trails and broke barriers, to today’s women warriors from sports, science, cyberspace, city hall, the lecture hall, and the silver screen, The Book of Awesome Women paints 200 portraits of powerful and inspiring role models for women and girls poised to become super women of the future.
  3. The Gratitude Diaries  
  4. Grit & Grace Grit & Grace is a collection of quotes, stories and sage advice from female trailblazers, creatively designed to inspire modern-day leaders. 
  5. Rad Women Worldwide
  6. My Life on the Road – Gloria Steinem
  7. This Life I Live -Her story. His story. The love story of Joey and Rory. By inviting so many into the final months of Joey’s life as she battled cancer, Joey and Rory Feek captured hearts around the world with how they handled the diagnosis; the inspiring, simple way they chose to live; and how they loved each other every step of the way. But there is far more to the story.
  8. The Last Black Unicorn From stand-up comedian, actress, and breakout star of Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish, comes The Last Black Unicorn, a sidesplitting, hysterical, edgy, and unflinching collection of (extremely) personal essays, as fearless as the author herself.
  9. Women Who Dare A book of darling women climbers
  10. 50 Women Artists You Should Know
  11. 50 Contemporary Artists from 1960- Now

Inspiring books for teenage girls

These are books to read that are perfect for teenage girls, preteen girls and girls to learn about inspiring women in history. Depending on your teenage girls ages some of the books on the first reading list may be of interest to them. 

Inspiring books for women - a book list for women, teens and girls to read. Be inspired by and books for women's history month. #books #inspiringbooksforwomen #womenshistorymonth #inspiringwomen #dearcreatives

Books for Women’s History Month


100 Women Who Made History: Remarkable Women Who Shaped Our

  • 100 Women Who Made History Remarkable Women Who Shaped Our World. Celebrate centuries of brave and brilliant women with this visual guide that takes kids on a tour of the past and uncovers the stories of the women and girls who have shaped the modern world.

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

  • Women in Science  A charmingly illustrated and educational book, New York Times best seller Women in Science highlights the contributions of fifty notable women to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from the ancient to the modern world.

Girls Think of Everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women

  • Girls Think of Everything  In kitchens and living rooms, in garages and labs and basements, even in converted chicken coops, women and girls have invented ingenious innovations that have made our lives simpler and better. 

Herstory: 50 Women and Girls Who Shook Up the World

  • HerStory Celebrate fifty inspiring and powerful women who changed the world and left their mark in this lavishly illustrated biography compilation that’s perfect for fans of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and She Persisted.  

I can’t wait to share my current book’s review and a booklist coming up for the best boss girls, creative bosses and small business owners. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

  1. Be sure to bookmark your calendars for NASA’s historic all female space walk on March 29, 2019.
  2. Find out more about Women’s History Month
  3. Women’s International Day – 20 Ways to Celebrate and Inspire 

What book or novel you read recently?

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