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Learn Or Brush Up On Your Hand Embroidery With This Resource!

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Are you interested in learning hand embroidery? Today we are sharing a new craft book that is a must have for anyone interested in hand sewing. I was lucky enough to have a grandma who lived close to me. She sewed by hand, embroidered, and sewed on the sewing machine. Passing on those skills to me. 

Not everyone learns to sew when they are a child. But, it is a craft and skill that you can pick up anytime you are ready to learn. If you are like me maybe you haven’t embroidered in a while and just need a refresher or to add new stitches to your skills. 

I have made felt craft projects using embroidery skills but, haven’t learned all the stitches or embroidery skills. That’s where this new sewing book Hand Sewing Magic would be a nice addition to your craft book or sewing library.

It’s the latest craft book we received for free to review. I’m excited to share this book with you, especially if you are new to embroidery. This will help you learn embroidery skills. Let me share more about this book so you can see if it is the right book for your book stash. 

Do you enjoy embroidery? 

Hand Embroidery 

Learn or brush up on your embroidery skills. See what this book has to offer not only beginners but others. Inside peek to everything this craft book covers. DearCcreatives.com #handembroidery #embroidery #craftbooks #sewingbooks #howto #books #crafts #hoopart

Hand Sewing Magic 

Hand Sewing Magic is book that you can use as a resource for stitches, with how to hand sewing projects. The book covers many basics for sewing, mending, tailoring to embroidery designs. What is covered in this book? 

  • 10 Creative Easy Projects
  • Mastering Embroidery Techniques
  • Pro Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting 

If you are a beginner to hand sewing the book covers essential embroidery tools and materials for all the key sewing – craft supplies you need for starting to sew by hand. 

  1. 141 pages
  2. 5 chapters 
  3. templates and stitch guides
  4. resources

Hand Sewing Magic Book Review - Get a sneak peak of all the details this book covers for hand sewing - hand embroidery. beginners, intermediate and advanced - DearCreatives.com #handsewing #handembroidery #embroidery #craftbooks #sewingbooks

Hand Sewing Magic Chapters (Book Over view)

  1. Chapter 1 – Hand Stitcher’s Tool Kit 
  2. Chapter 2- Utilitarian Stitches
  3. Chapter 3- Outline and Filler Stitches
  4. Chapter 4- Decorative Stitches
  5. Chapter 5- Dimensional Stitches

Stuffed bunny craft project with embroidery stitches one of 10 hand embroidery patterns. Find out more DearCreatives.com

Craft and sewing projects in the book 

  1. corner bookmark 
  2. sketchbook cover
  3. smartphone holder – pouch
  4. stuffed toy bunny
  5. embroidery tote 
  6. neck scarf
  7. recycled pin cushion 
  8. embellished coat (sleeves)
  9. embroidered square bowl (I have seen these used for placing coins or using for hot soup bowls)  
  10. felt broach (with abstract knots) 

This stuffed toy bunny caught my eye. You could use any color fabric and make it a special baby shower gift for a new moms’ baby nursery. It’s just one of the ten projects included in this embroidery – sewing book. I might try a version of this pattern and update you later to how it turned out. So stay tuned. 

Our Thoughts about Hand Sewing Magic 

I think the book offers embroidery skills for all skill levels. The craft patterns are just a jumping point if you are skilled but, cover complete how to for novices. Once you have embroidery skills you can make your own patterns or take it to the next level by using the embroidery skills learned from the book. Or use the patterns offered adding your favorite stitches to the pattern. 

Whether you are a beginning sewer or brushing up on your hand sewing skills this book is packed with step by step images. Each embroidery stitch comes complete with written step by step. You will see how to create embroidery stitches on your own. 

If you are looking for embroidery books for kids I recommend you looking at these three books:  

The Amazing Stitching Handbook for Kids | Stitching With Jane Foster | Fun With Stitchables 

  • Hand Sewing Magic is geared towards adults but, would be good for teen sewers too. 

Hand Sewing Magic: Essential Know-How for Hand Stitching--*10 Easy, Creative

Want a closer look? You can preview or purchase the book on Amazon or look for it in your favorite book stores.

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Want to take an online class for embroidery in addition to having a craft book? 

    • NOT a beginner’s class; online class Modern Hand Embroidery
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