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Fall Winter Must-Haves + Gift Ideas

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Fall Winter Must-Haves – We are sharing our Friday Favorites! Fashion, styles, and things for the home! Here are a few must-haves for fall and must-haves for winter that we have spotted or purchased. Our favorites can easily be holiday gifts for someone you love!

With seasonal changes there is a little reflection on the past and what is to come. Do you feel that way? As I pull out my sweater and write this I’m sitting at my desk thinking how are we about how fast this year has going by.

I’ve been fall cleaning, taking stock of what I have, and donating things we no longer need. I have checklists of what we need for the home and wish lists for what I want for myself. Especially as we are entering the season of having guests, and family come home and entertaining. The goal is cozy and comfortable.

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Friday Favorites

Fall Must-Haves and Winter Must-haves - Friday Favorites! Fashion, styles, and things for the home! Here are a few must-haves for fall and must-haves for winter that we have spotted or purchased. See the list it's really got great picks!DearCreatives.com  So many cozy things, for fall and winter! Slippers, wool socks, throw blankets, fashions, things for the home...

There is a chill in the air in the mornings and evenings. A shift of seasons is happening. I find myself pulling out the sweaters, sweatshirts… And cozy throws for sitting on the couch watching my favorite shows in the late evenings. I thought I’d share a few things I’ve gotten or on my list to get. These picks are great for yourself or if you are already shopping for gifts.

Favorite Things For Fall That make great gifts too!

Fall Winter Must-Haves

Favorite Finds

  1. When it’s not cold enough for a coat but, you need something warm to wear, get a puffer vest or a denim safari jacket like this.
  2. If you live where it’s even warmer, grab sweatshirts or a zip-up hoodie (I just got this one it’s cozy inside).
  3. Hey, are you noticing when you get up your feet are cold? Get slippers (indoor/outdoor)like this or wool socks for the morning or evenings when you are lounging. My top picks and on my wish list are these slippers or these cozy slippers.
  4. Do you need a little zen or relaxation in your life? My latest purchase is this air diffuser (with starter kit) It even lights up in different colors and has a remote. Plus I got these essential oil scents for fall. Christmas scent essential oils.
  5. I have my eye on getting this crockpot/slow cooker! Perfect for fall and winter (and other seasons) slow cooking… (It’s on sale now!)
  6. I stocked up on my coffee pods for my Nespresso machine. And spotted Holiday blend coffee pods! I still make pour-over coffee and have been enjoying fall coffee blends and this cinnamon dolce coffee. Oh, and I spotted… What’s your favorite coffee?
  7. Last year our gas heating bill was off the charts! This year I’m getting a portable heater to keep the room warm.
  8. We got this floor vacuum (with attachments) and I’m loving it! It works great for pet hair too.
    See the sale listed below if you need a vacuum or floor care.
  9. Are you holiday shopping or Christmas shopping for the kids? Get 60% off Toys right now!
  10. Cozy blankets/throws like this for the couch are a must for the fall and winter months.

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