Halloween Dog Costumes You & Your Dogs Will Love!

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Are you ready to get Halloween dog costumes? One thing we love to do is dress our dogs up for Halloween. I’m sharing cute dog costumes for Halloween.

10+ Halloween dog costumes you will want to dress your dogs in.  Cute, funny, unique, easy to wear...dog costumes for pampered pooches. DearCreatives.com

We love funny, cute, and festive costumes to dress our dogs up in. Our dogs honestly love it. I’ve seen our bulldog get jealous if our chi-weenie gets her costume on first.

Does your dog like to wear costumes?

This year I know, many of us will be staying in for Halloween (and not trick or treating) or not passing out candy as we normally have done. Why not dress up your pets to lift your spirits and set the mood for a fun Halloween night.

It’s perfect if you are going to have a Halloween movie night with a few friends, family, or even just stay in with the dogs (Hey cat lovers we got your back too, be sure to subscribe. We have those for another day).

Or maybe you are going to an outdoor Halloween dog parade. These costumes are perfect for that too!

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Dog Halloween Costumes perfect for dressing up your dogs!

Halloween Dog Bandana
  1. Skeleton glow in the dark dog costume. Perfect, if you do decide to go out trick or treating and bring your dog. Your dogs can be seen in the dark.
  2. Do you love matching with your dog? Here’s a matching set (of t-shirts) for the dog and pet owner! (Shop The Custom Gift for even more matching dog costume options.)
  3. Are you a Pokemon fan? This is the most adorable, and funny dog costume. Dress your dog in a Pikachu dog costume (Just to let you know Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon character so this might just be in my cart right now).
  4. Frenchman – Artist With Baret Dog Costume nous, nous hand me the paintbrush, please.
  5. Want a simple costume for your dog? Start out simple with a dog Halloween bandana or a pumpkin dog hat. This will help get your dog used to wearing a costume.
  6. This adorable Pirate dog costume! Arr, mate are you ready to sit on the couch? Or take a walk? Lay next to me, while I watch Halloween movies…
  7. For all my Harry Potter fans, this Harry Pawter dog costume! So cute and potter heads will love it. Wands to the ready! In my cart.
  8. I love this unique dog Halloween costume. Beep, beep. Roadrunner, rocket dog space costume.
  9. Oh, if I only had some kind of shaggy dog. This funny, woodland, Star Wars-like dog costume is so cute! Or grab this Yoda dog costume. Perfect for pugs, Boston terriers…
  10. If you dress up as a gnome or Wirt, this garden gnome/Wirt Halloween dog costume.
  11. I loved this pick from the Editors of the Etsy Halloween guide, Reindeer Snood Dog Crocheted dog hat.

Where do you get cute costumes for dogs?


Whether you are looking for dog costumes for pampered pooches, lapdogs, small, medium, or big dogs you can find The Best Halloween dog costumes on Etsy.

And patterns like this Simplicity costumes for dogs – pattern if you rather make a dog Halloween costume for your pooch.

Also, be sure to hop over to see the Etsy Halloween Guide. It’s filled with ideas to make your Halloween awesome.

I can’t wait to share what I get and dress my dogs up in. Luna’s already been a ballerina, hot dog, cowgirl dog… What has your dog dressed up as?

Happy October friends, dog lovers, and dog mamas! New here? Don’t forget to subscribe!

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