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Mama’s how is it back to school time already? Are you looking for lunch containers? Are you ready to grab the best stuff for packing your kids school lunches? Plus, grab lunch box ideas to have handy for when school starts. I was having a conversation with my daughter (Krissy) about the end of summer, what plans we all have left. Then I asked if she had shopped for back-to-school already? Like me, she was getting a jump on it. (You can scroll down to what we purchased and our list if you are in a hurry. And grab our lunch ideas.)

She is ready, the kids are ready for the end of summer. It’s that time of year where everyone is coming back from vacations. The kids are burnt out, tired of the midday rest times or naps (but, mom needs quiet time!). And everyone is tired of long hot summer days. Summer can seem like forever with a full house of kids… But, she was saying her kids are getting excited for back to school.

I used to dread easing into back to school, the early mornings, packing lunches every day, just to see kids get back home and you open the lunch bag to find lunch hasn’t been touched or is half-eaten. sigh…But, over the years we got our lunch ideas pinned, lunch meal plans made (Do you need a meal planner? At the bottom of the post is our free weekly meal planner.) and found our favorites for making packing lunches easy. 

But, are we really excited about all the aspects of back to school? And daily chores of packing of lunches? Yum, yes! With our picks, and tips for packing lunches, lunch ideas... I am sure that it will help you get school lunches under control, be prepared, and kept food safe all day longPacking lunches for the win! 

Lunch Containers

The Best Lunch Containers and must see School Lunch Ideas - #backtoschool #lunchcontainers #lunchbags #lunchideas 

Mamas want structure back into our lives, not the constant making food, picking up after kids and chant of bored kids. Plus we want our house to ourselves for our own projects, at least I do!

For me, Sammie’s a senior this year, and after raising her older siblings and her I can say I have a handle on packing up lunches. But, not the fact that she is a senior this year! Just the brown bag, lunch stuff.

Set yourself up for lunch making a success! 

Have your kids help you pack their lunches. How do you get them excited to do that? Grab the lunch containers, lunch bags, and stock up on their favorite healthy foods, fruits and veggies, and healthy snacks. 

  • Typically we head to Costco, Walmart, Target and the grocery store to stock up on lunch stuff and stock the pantry with snacks. I stock the fridge with fresh fruits and veggies. (some cut up and stored in food containers making the fresh vegetables and fruits washed and ready to pack. 
  • I set up a lunch cabinet stocked with all the lunch stuff; grab and go stuff, containers, bottles, and lunch bag. Pack lunches the night before. Even younger kids can help with lunch prep if you let them! I say, let them! 
  • You can help pre-portion snacks into containers for the day, or several days of the week. Let them put it into their lunch boxes. 
  • Have a cutting board handy if your kids are big enough to make their own sandwiches. 
  • For the younger kids have them pull out their snack crackers, chips, juice boxes 
  • Have them pick out the fresh fruit and veggies they want in their lunches…
  • Fill their water bottles.

There are so many ways to get them excited for packing their lunches, or helping! Like grabbing a cute lunch bag with a mermaid, or a fun lunch bag with space stuff and astronauts…Give them incentives to help. Fridays we pack a small treat or surprise, even if it’s just a lunchbox note. Tada! You made your lunch all week! 

Now onto the lunch gear. Scroll down if you are looking for packed lunch ideas for kids, or lunch ideas. 

Top picks for lunch containers, lunch bags, and lunch boxes

You can use these ideas for work lunches too! The angels are singing because these containers and lunch bags will last beyond this year! 

Lunch containers, lunch boxes, lunch box ideas, and supplies for taking lunch to school, high school or work. See the full list of back to school ideas.

Hollar! Who is ready to get packing lunches? Get brown-bagging it? We are breaking it down. Ready, set, it’s back to school, lunchtime. Don’t forget to grab your camera, or cell phone and the tissues (or not)when you send them off to school. 

Are you looking for how to make a lunch bag? 

DIY Lunch Bag  Make a lunch bag with basic sewing skills and these step by step instructions, and tips. 

  • If you are looking for back to school containers for preschoolers or want bento box style boxes for your younger kids to try using theYumbox

Products we love for making and packing lunches

First, we took stock of what we had. Ditched the old containers, recycled containers with no lids, and got rid of the stuff we didn’t like or use. Then made a list of what we needed. (Be sure to Subscribe to see how we cleaned and set up our cabinet. I’m saving that for another day.)

  • New water bottles. Our pick for middle school or high schoolers in sports is the ThermoFlask(Sammie has used hers all 4 years of high school)
  • New lunch bag. Our pick for middle school, high school, college or work is this insulated lunch bag. Roomy enough for lunch, snacks and heading to sports or packing up for work. (Shown below with full details.) 

What did we buy for this school year? 

The Best Lunch Containers 

Lunch Containers with dividers 

Lunch containers with dividers- PBA Free - grab all the back to school ideas at

There are three sizes of these lunch containers we love. The Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit shown here is the perfect lunch container for elementary school kids. But, I got a set for on-the-go snacks for my high schooler. She has sports after school so we pack both lunch and snacks. BPA Free, Blue Ice freezer packs snap directly to food containers, keeping lunch chilled when you’re on the go. Snapping lids keep lunch items leak proof. Plus, she can use this for when she goes hiking with friends. 

  • Lunch Kit Includes: 2 Snack Containers (.5 cup capacity), 1 Side Container (1.2 cup capacity), 1 Sandwich Container (2.6 cup capacity) and 1 Medium Blue Ice (Size: 4.81″ L x 5.625″ W x 5.25″ H when stacked)
  • Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, BPA-free

Lunch containers - BPA free, with dividers, and come with a blue ice freezer pack. Grab great ideas for packing your lunches at

Little ridges help snap them right into place. Then pop the lunch container into your lunch bag. These sets come in three colors.

Entree Lunch Container- Grab the best ideas for packing your lunches.

You can get various sets to suit your lunch needs. For our high schooler, we picked the Rubbermaid LunchBlox Entree Kit which would also work for a college or work lunches. Similar to the other but, only bigger and with two blue ice freezer packs. 

on the go lunch ideas - the best lunch containers for taking lunch to school or work.

  • This Lunch Kitincludes 1 Entrée Kit with dividers (4.1 cup capacity), 2 Snack Containers (.5 cup capacity,) 2 Side Containers (1.2 cup capacity), 1 Medium Blue Ice and 1 Small Blue Ice. (Size: 4.81″ L x 8.625″ W x 5.25″ H when stacked)
  • Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, BPA-free

Salad and Snack Container 

Lunch and snack storage solution for on the go lunches and snacks -Rubbermaid Brilliance

These lunch containers are an investment (if you have multiple kids) but, well worth it. And the best lunch containers for high school. We have had these a few years and they are as good as new! (top shef dishwasher safe) We just added to our sets for the year. Since Sammie has school, tennis, an internship and other after school activities. These are perfect for packing snacks and salads. You can see the post about them when you are done. It’s later in the this post the bottom of the page to get tips for prepping salads…

Lunch Bag

Insulated Lunch Bags and Lunch Containers for packing lunches. See all the back to school ideas at DearCreatives.comThe lunch bagwe picked is insulated. Large enough for her entree lunch, sandwich set or her salad and snack set. Or using two sets in the bag. It also has a nice side zipper with a large pocket on the outside of the bag, plus a back pocket on the other side. The bag has handles for carrying and a strap for over the shoulder.

Insulated Lunch Bag - See ideas and the best products for packing your kids school lunches.

It also can hold up to 12 soda cans or similar if heading to the beach with friends. Versatile, easy to clean interior, and wipeable exterior. Comes with 30 days return and money back, 1-year warranty and lifetime customer service. Too many details to mention.

See all our favorite picks for taking your lunch with you

What to pack in the lunch box? 

Lunch box Ideas

Lunch and snack ideas. Prep tips to make taking lunches to work, school or picnics easier. See lunch ideas, and tips at

Be ready for on the go snacks and on the go lunches. Meal Prep Lunch Tips for the Win! Our favorite Salad and Snack Lunch Combo Kit

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids 

 25 back to school snack your kids will love!

25 Back to School Snacks Your Kids Will Love! 

Snack Ideas for Kids

Back to School Snack Ideas and Free Printables | so many ideas you'll love

After School Snacks see all these ideas plus grab a free printable snack list. You know, for all the times you have mommy’s brain. 

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Meal Prep for the win! 

Storage Solutions Rubbermaid FreshWorks Containers review

Food Storage Solutions to keep your foods and produce fresher for longer! Perfect for prepping lunch with fruits and veggies ahead of time. Our favorite food storage containers! They really do work the best and a game-changer for when your refrigerator bins are stocked but, you still have more fruits and vegetables to store. 

Free Printables | Meal Plan Printable for meal planning
Weekly Meal Planner 

Need more lunchbox ideas? 

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