Celebrating The Origins Of A Coffee Lifestyle #CoffeePassion

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Today I’m sharing a little back story to the origins of my coffee lifestyle and why I love coffee so much. Coffee something I was raised around. Half of my family was from Italy. When my grandparents came to America they brought many of their cuisine and beverage drinking customs with them.

My dad ran one of the first indoor-outdoor European cafes in the SF bay area. Way before coffee was totally in. When I was young an apron was tied around my waist and I bused tables. In the cafe I also watched cooks in the kitchen, people making coffee drinks, and all the hustle and bustle of the cafe.

To this day the aroma of fresh espressos, coffee drinks being made and the taste of coffee is something that I love. It reminds me of my origins tied to Italy, outdoor cafes, coffee, and all the special traditions of the family. 

Coffee Lifestyle

Coffee Lifestyle | Coffee cup on a plate next to a cloth

Even before that, I was introduced to drinking coffee when spending summers with my grandparents. After dinner, they would serve fruits, cheeses, and wine. Later they would have an espresso. The made us very milky lattes with coffees.

My papa would play classical Italian music. I had a great aunt who was a famous opera singer in Italy. (Licia Albanese) Why didn’t I get that gene? I love singing the only problem is I can’t carry a tune. But, sometimes that doesn’t stop me. Kind of like never stopping drinking coffee. #CoffeePassion is a huge part of my life.

Single-Origin Coffees 

Coffee Lovers Coffee and a bag of Starbucks Coffee next to a plate with a lemon and chocolate cookie

 Rwanda Rift Valley Medium-bodied with spicy dark chocolate notes, hints of sweet citrus and heady floral aromas 

I have three new coffees from Starbucks® to share with you today. Each from a different origin. Latin American, African, and Asia Pacific coffees.

Single-origin coffee is coffee grown within a single known geographic origin. Sometimes this is a single farm. Or a specific collection of beans from a single country.

Coffee Lifestyle Cup of Guatemalan Coffee - single origin coffee

Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza Rich balanced with crisp citrus notes and a sweet, chocolaty mouthfeel

Timor Mount Ramelau, Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza, and Rwanda Rift Valley are Starbuck’s single-origin coffees.

Coffee Lifestyle | Pour over brewing single origin coffee

Timor smooth with mild herbal spice notes and a roasty-sweet finish

Each of these coffees has its own story based on the origin of where the coffee beans were grown. When roasted these single origin beans create specific taste profiles and aromas. When you look at the grounds, smell the coffee, and then taste the various brews of these coffees you can experience the distinct taste and place of each coffee. 

Coffee Lifestyle| Cup of single origin Coffee

There are several traditions we are holding on to such as our love of family, art, music, good food, wine, and coffee. When my family all gets together after a meal we all go downtown walk around and grab a great cup of coffee or brew some fresh at home while we spend time together. What’s not to love about passing on the tradition of a good cup of coffee to brew. Right?

Coffee Lifestyle | Ground Coffees

The single-origin flavor profiles: Chocolaty notes from Guatemala, sweet liveliness from Rwanda, and spiciness from Timor. I really enjoyed them all. I have three new coffees to add to my coffee passport, that I was sent to try out for free. 

Where to find Single Origin Coffees?

These single-origin coffees are available in grocery stores and online at Starbucks®Don’t forget to register your Starbucks card can earn rewards star/points. You’ll find the stickers right on each bag. When I was online at Starbucks I saw they are having their Home Brewing Event April 21st-27th! Perfect for coffee lovers wanting to brew at home and join us on the coffee lifestyle. 

Coffee Lifestyle| cup with spoon with Starbucks Coffee

  • To join conversations about coffee search #CoffeePassion #TasteOfPlace on social media. 

What types of single-origin coffees have you tried? Or which one would you try first? 

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  1. I really like the cafe culture in other countries. It’s huge in Argentina, where many of the people are of Italian decent. I like that cafes have become bigger here, but the culture still feels different than in other countries where you feel less rushed to leave.

    1. Hi Bev, Yes, I agree we live in a faster paced society. You just have to stop and take time out to enjoy and bring it to your lifestyle. Luckily my whole family loves hanging out for coffee. Wish we were closer to have a cup or two together!

  2. Coffee for you is tea to me! I grew up on tea with the family. Especially my paternal grandmother. We would have afternoon tea at 4:00 PM everyday. The family would gather and we would relax with our mugs. To this day, I cannot have a cup of tea and not think about her. It is also very relaxing for me. Funny how these traditions/memories stick. She probably didn’t intend to, but it was such a special gift she gave me.

    1. Hi Jeannine, Ah, that is super special. We have tea in the afternoon too sometimes, especially if it’s summer (iced). Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!

  3. i honestly think i could live on coffee. I seriously love it THAT much. It is SO nice to stop, slow down, and enjoy a new cup of joe.

    1. Hi Ahsley, I feel like that some days, lol. I agree it’s those times when you can really sit and enjoy a cup of coffee that are so relaxing.

  4. I love your story! Coffee has become a big part of my life ver the last few years. I would drink it once in a while from Starbucks but now it is a staple in my home. I will have to give these a try.

    1. Hi Samantha, I think you’ll find one of the single origins you’ll like. You can always ask to try the coffee your interested in if your at a Starbucks. You can see if they are brewing it or do a french press. Yum!

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