Good Shows To Watch Plus Series and Movies You Can’t Miss!

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Are you asking yourself, “What to Watch?” I have to admit my guilty pleasure at the end of the night is watching good shows, series, and movies. What about you? We enjoy kicking back, making snacks and hanging out watching shows. Since it’s spring break both Sammie and I have been binge-watching a few shows. I thought I’d share a few new shows, series, and movies that you might want to see. You can watch these anytime you are searching for good shows to watch.

We made a list of the best entertainment and new releases on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon. Plus news of new releases, coming soon and series favorites! See what’s worth watching right now! These are definitely shows to binge-watch. Viewing that fits our lifestyle

Are you asking yourself, “What to watch right now?”

Binge Worthy 

Are you looking for what to watch now_ See our binge worthy picks the best shows, series and movies to watch right now! DearCreatives.com #entertainment #whattowatch

What to watch on HBO

Game of Thrones

If you are a Game of Thrones fan you know the newest and last season, season 8 has begun. You can watch it on HBO, Hulu or another streaming service like Amazon

Season 2 of Big Little Lies will be released in June on HBO.(preview it here) If you haven’t seen it yet get caught up now and be ready for the new season. (spoiler alert) Meryl Streep will be on the series as the mother of the son that was killed. He was abusing the character of Nicole Kidman. Now we see the after-effects of how these 5 ladies (“The Monterey 5”) are seen and dealing with the aftermath of the accident. (or was it an accident?) The story is adapted from the book Big Little Lies by Jane Moriarty. 

Jane The Virgin

You might remember we were talking about Jane The Virgin and its last season. (spoiler alerts) the previous week just as Jane has her divorce papers, Michael bumps his head gets his memory back. Will he go back to where he was living now? How will this affect the show? What do you think?? 

Last night, we found out that Jane is conflicted with finding out Michael has regained his memories. Raphael kicks Jane out! What?!! Plus more about Jane’s mom who is fighting cancer. I have to say my favorite part of the show can be the narrator, and screen comments that are left. We just enjoy everything about this show.

If you haven’t seen it OR need to catch up. Watch seasons 1-4 on Netflix or Jane The Virgin on Amazon or see this post for more about the series. 

What have we been watching on Netflix?

What to watch on Netflix 

  1. New Girl (series – comedy, adult themes) MA – laugh out loud humor 
  2. The Perfect Date (teenage movie) – on our watch list
  3. The Umbrella Academy (teen series) – on our watch list 
  4. The Highway Man (the story of Bonnie and Clyde) MA
  5. The Dirt (Story of the rock and roll band Motley Crue) MA
  6. Christopher Robin (family) – on my watch list 
  7. Schit$ Creek ( series- comedy, adult theme) MA – sometimes a little raunchy but the most hilarious serious
  8. North and South (drama, romance BBC) – keeps you hanging on to the end and a short series of 5 episodes
  9. The 100 (Sci-Fi) teen – adult (new episodes available 5 seasons) Another winner, suspense, action, drama…
  10. The Chilling Tales of Sabrina The Teenage Witch (new episodes) We love, love, love this! 
  11. Ozark (crime/action/suspense) MA – a little dark, twisted and not too suspenseful that you can’t handle it

What to watch on Amazon 

  1. The Closer (detective series) – One of my all-time favorite detective series 
  2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (series – drama = comedy) R (part 1) (part 2) Adult themed drama and comedy all rolled up into one, with amazing acting. 
  3. Life of The Party (comedy movie) PG-13 – Extra funny if you have a high school kid or daughter
  4. A Star Is Born(drama) R on my watch list 
  5. A Dogs Way Home (adventure, kids) PG Do you love dog movies? 

If you have Prime you can stream many shows, series, and movies for free. Don’t have Prime yet? Find out more or Try Prime Free for 30 days.

What good shows are you watching right now? 



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