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Dear Creatives, I must admit I have a stash of supplies, so why is it when I find a little tutorial I love I always need something else? {sigh} I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to post today with my sugar rush crashing, dreary rainy day blues & quite house. Then I stumbled on a few inspiring things, such as this felt zipper pouch tutorial. I need to start a page for projects to do links! Stat! As I am getting ahead of what I can make lately. Any how, back to the felt tutorial it was created by Julie of Adventures of Blue Girl xo who writes on blogspot.

Julie Collings

Julie shares a few different ways on how to embellish these lovely zipper pouches.

Julie Collings

Oh, to find some wool felt & vintage zippers. I was smitten with her mushroom embellished pouch, being I love the woods & just found the cutest mushroom cotton material at the fabric store, just the smallest amount left over from a bolt I am lucky if it is 1/2 yard. I will definitely have to practice my embroidery stitches, as I made something I didn’t share with you for Sammie  a heart with her name stitched in the center. She loved it, but my skills have faded over time without practice.

Judy Collings

Julie has a cute Etsy shop  & you can see her images & zipper pouch tutorial here. She sells vintage supplies, trims, hand dyed crepe papers{above} along with some handmade items.

Made by Amanda

Then I saw this oh so easy, yet I have never made one scout inspired bow tie! Love the idea, I have many pins I would love to wear more & this may just be the way to find out how to make your own you can visit A Beautiful Mess for this Scout Inspired Bow-Tie Craft Project which was made by Amanda at IndieJanePhotography

Made By Rae

I’ve also been on the hunt for a new pattern & I happened to come across this one,  This free pattern is for a smaller fabric purse & its super cute. I am sure you will love it, especially if wanting to make something for spring! I found it on Made by Rae / Lickety Split  Free Buttercup Bag Sewing Pattern Rae also has plenty of other patterns for sewing to choose from, as she makes patterns & sells them. If you visit her tell her how you found her for me.

I promise to share the results from my sewing project of the school house tunic. I want to make another! So comfy! If you missed my post about sewing pattern love & would like to see the pattern I am speaking of visit this post: Spring Sewing Pattern Love

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What sewing or other projects have you been working on?

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    1. Hi Eva, I love them too. I’ll be on the look out for some pretty wool felt. Hope you get a chance to try the tutorial too.

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