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Sew Much Clutch Fun

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Today I thought I would share this video today of a sewing tutorial that Kris & Kim from DIY The Dish made of how to make a simple clutch. What’s great about the video is they have all the steps then you can make one and spin your own twist on it. These clutches are a bit larger than wallet size and can be made with various materials, buttons and closures for different looks. 

I grabbed my larger spring and summer scraps and start sewing the project! Even if you are a novice sewing this is a perfect sewing project as it is easy to follow, you don’t need a pattern plus if you have larger scrap materials you can use them up. I can’t wait to really put a spin on this to create some more clutches. This is sew much clutch fun! Here are a few of the first ones I created.

Easy Sewing Projects; 

Dear Creatives

 No pattern needed just cut out sizes of materials needed and follow instructions with video! Change up fabrics, embellish, and get creative!

Easy Sewing Projects: Video Tutorial 



Easy Sewing Projects; 

Finished clutches

Here are a few more photographs of the ones I started making. I hope this inspires you to get sewing!


Dear Creatives

How great to be ready to just grab and go! Make a few for gifts or even get coordinating fabric if you are helping with a wedding to make some for the brides maids in pretty fabric with special closures. Thanks Kris & Kim for the inspiration!


Dear Creatives

 Do you sew with or without patterns? Or both? Remember if you are new to sewing this is the perfect tutorial to try out. It’s all straight stitching and ironing. Do you think you’ll give it a try?

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for the video! i got great ideas just watching it…just one question though.. do you use a lightweight or heavyweight feasible interfacing? want to make mine right away!!! thanks =)

    1. If I remember right I used just a light weight one. I am sure you can use either. Heavier will make it more stiff so for this it probably is just preference. I did only use cotton fabrics for the project though & not other materials. Hope that helps.

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