Love Comes In Many Forms

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Dear Creatives, Love comes in many forms. Just a few things I am loving today! See previous posts for the things I made for Valentines Day! Wishing you all things sweet!


A life lived in love will never be dull.



To feel the passion & put it to pen.



Learning to love a new craft. Sweet Crochet Patterns I just love at Sarah London’s crochet patterns.



Felt Valentine Envelopes

I love this felt envelope for sending love notes.




My morning coffee <3





Natures unexpected moments that are so sweet!




Tammy Swanson

I love the feel of wet sand & will always love fairy tales.




Love Theresa Huse 

I will always love the moments I share with my family.


What are you loving today?


Felt Envelope Mini Valentine Tutorial by Gail from Probably Actually

Sarah London Crochet Patterns

Tammy Swanson {photography, opal petite clothier, blog}

To see my Valentines Cards & Valentines Mailboxes see previous posts, along with my other Valentine loves.



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