Unique Halloween Costume “Artemis”

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Dear Creatives, Happy Halloween! I hope you have a fun & safe day- evening ahead. I thought I would share some of the Halloween fun we had in our house with a dry run for the make-up & total look for Sammie’s Costume idea. As mentioned prior she was conjuring up some ideas of a fairy-huntress. She settled on the idea of being Artemis “Artemis of the wild-land, Mistress of Animals” A Greek Goddess her Roman  equivalent is Diana.

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Apparently I am not smarter than a 5th grader when it comes to one who has been reading Greek Mythology, or at least on this topic. So I had to ask her who that was & could she (Sammie) show me some images. This is where we began & of course we searched images on Google.


Her dad created the bow from a branch & I added the stringing & created the arrows from birch sticks & feathers we had collected from our nature walks. Sammie had collected the stones & broke them into the arrow shapes. The headdress also from the feathers & leather scraps.

Artemis dress as a long shirt to be worn with legging underneath. (sorry about lighting for dress photo)

 I didn’t have time to show how I made this in a step by step tutorial. But, I did take muslin cutting out a pattern by laying a shirt over the muslin fabric & marking it with a disappearing fabric pen. Then for the length I took a pair of shorts & laid it on & traced it to the bottom extending the shirt line. I folded the material in half & cut two then sewed them together (after fitting & pinning). (you can see the muslin inside the dress which doesn’t show when on)

I had this sheer fabric (sheer luck lol) from a dress I never made & I laid it over the muslin in different areas connecting it & sewing it onto the muslin by machine & hand. It took only one evening. Although our rescue kitten loved the fabric & decided to climb it un-attaching part which I had to sew back the next day! Naughty kitty!! Sammie is wearing a cape over it so I wasn’t too concerned about perfection.

She went with her dad & on clearance they purchased an inexpensive cape shown above, which I may alter slightly.That is also when she picked up her shiny white wig. I decided to do a test run with her goddess makeup & share it all together! An arrow case is called a quiver (a small cylinder in which to store your fletched arrows in.) It usually has a back strap attached to it.) I made one by making a cylinder shape from poster board & attaching a bottom. Then I covered it with burlap & leather. Now she is ready for an evening of fun & there is sure to be a sugar hang-over the next day! lol

I did manage to make my Halloween Banner thanks to Bean Bug Crafts Tutorial see last Fridays link-up post. I hope you have a fun & festive Halloween! & be sure to link up if you have anything crafty, creative, a costume, decor, recipe….to share.

Stay tuned for a freebie in a separate post!

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