Halloween Costume Ideas

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Dear Creatives,  I found some cute, clever, crafting and sewing ideas for Halloween! So let me share with you a few links that will bring you more ideas for some great costumes and even free printable masks for a fall fun kid’s day! Now I may be sharing the younger cute ideas, but the links at the bottom of the post have plenty of ideas for the older kid ideas, along with great costumes ideas for everyone!

I found and had to share this cute owl costume. Oh, how I wish I could wave a wand to shrink Sammie to want to be an owl. But, I know that will never happen, sigh. Sorry, the site that had the costume is no longer available but, I found this Owl Costume Pinterest Board with owl costume ideas on it and it’s on there, so at least you can see it. It was the quick owl costume at the bottom of the board. The board has so many cute owl costumes!

I also found at Country Woman Online Magazine they had free printable masks that the kids can color and decorate. There are a fox, skunk, and deer to pick from. It’s a free pdf download that would be fun for fall or pre Halloween projects for the kids! Woodland Creatures MaskPost: PDF Woodland Creature Masks This is a no-sew project head over to Country Woman to see all the details for your project! They look so cute made in felt!!

woodland masks


Sock Monkey

If  I could only turn back time! This adorable sock monkey costume would be hot on my list of costumes.

Knight Costume

Here is one for the boys, just grab their shields & swords, make a vest, and put them in their armor! Well, it’s time for me to call it a night! Be sure to check out the related posts with lots of links to costume ideas or round-ups of them!

What is your favorite candy to hand out trick or treaters? 

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