Knitting Finger-less Gloves Online Class

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Dear Creatives, I thought I would share a few more knitting resources & inspiration. I hope if you don’t knit this will help you start to learn. Now for me I just need to practice what I have learned & apply it to something with that said I found out CreativeBug is now offering single purchase classes & you don’t have to by a monthly subscription or commit to anything long term.

Creative Bug Finger-less gloves knitting class

All-you-can knit video workshops on creativebug.com 3 subscription models: 1 month, 3 month, & 6 months. Or I just found this finger-less glove online class & it is a perfect beginner project! & very affordable, along with one of their single purchase classes! Prices run from 9.99 to about 14.99 for single classes.

Learn to Knit: Fingerless Gloves

  • Working time: 4 hrs, 30 mins 
  • beginner

Most new knitters start knitting by creating swatches to practice the basics, but those swatches don’t have any real use. When you make these cozy gloves, you’ll learn how to cast on, knit, purl and bind off. Then Maggie will teach you how to seam the swatches into finger-less gloves and add decorative, yarn-wrapped buttons to dial up the cozy effect.


Creative Video Workshops on Creativebug.com


I think that being able to purchase single classes is great for you & me because you can get a feel for a teacher or just try different crafts as you can afford to try them! There’s several I found that look fun from carving stamps to making bubble wands for the kids for spring! Sewing, crochet too, yes as I mentioned knitting! I can’t wait to try this finger-less gloves class, putting my new knitting skills to work & being able to have a pair of finger-less gloves to put on when it’s crispy, cold in the mornings! So if your ready to try your hand at knitting or any other crafts just visit CreativeBug to learn more of what they offer!

Have you tried to learn to knit? 


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