How to Make A Decorative Bulletin Board With Stencils

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Today I’m sharing how to stencil a bulletin board. Have you ever gave a bulletin board a makeover? I transformed a damaged one by fixing it, and making a decorative bulletin board for back to school. I’d been searching for bulletin board ideas for Sammie’s room. With all the honors classes she is taking she needed a good bulletin board.

Before school started I found an older, stained and damaged cork bulletin board. It was the perfect size to fix and decorate. Do you ever find stuff at a yard sale or thrift shop and think I can fix that? Why buy it new? I’m always for upcycling and recycling projects. I love a challenge. What about you? For today’s project you can fix one or start with a new bulletin board. 

I hope today’s project will inspire you create your own decorative bulletin board

Decorative Bulletin Board

Upcycle Projects | DIY Stencil Bulletin Board

Stenciled Bulletin Board

I did receive products for free to create my bulletin cork board makeover from Deco Art, and am a Deco Art blog partner. 

Paint supplies 

Americana Decor® Chalky Finish Paint
Legacy 8 oz. #: ADC21-36

Americana Gloss Enamels
Glorious Gold 2 oz. #: DSM19-26

Americana Multi Surface Paint
Soft Jade 2 oz.  #: DA545-30

Americana® Stencils
Pochoir-Plantilla ASMM30


(some you may have at home)

Note: If starting with a new bulletin board you will only need the paint, stencil, painters tape, and stencil brushes. Then jump to Steps 3 and then Step 5 on for how to stencil a decorative bulletin board. 


NOTE: Let paint dry completely between painting steps.

How to repair a bulletin board

This is what are before looked like. Let’s get started on fixing this bulletin board. 

Before Yard Sale Bulletin Board that needed fixing and decorating See after at

Step 1 

  • If frame needs fixing: Sand wood edges, putty dings, let dry. Make sure to fill all gaps, and let dry completely. Then lightly sand and wipe dust off before painting

fixing a bulletin board with wood putty

Step 2

How to Paint the Frame

Tape off bulletin board as needed *if replacing with cork board tiles it’s not necessary to tape off fully. If new tape off edges and cover board with newspaper to protect surface. 

Frame taped off and beginning to paint bulletin board frame for outside of decorative bulletin board.

Step 3

Paint frame with two coats on front and then on back. Either use a edge roller or 2″ brush for painting the rest.

Step 4

Measuring and fitting cork tiles into the bulletin board frame.

How to add a new layer of cork for an old bulletin board

  1. Lay down cork tiles entirely prior to sticking to frame.
  2. Cut any tiles as needed to fit to frame.
  3. Use a ruler to mark a straight line, trim as needed to fit in frame
  4. Lay down your stencil and tape to cork where you want it painted
  5. Use a Stencil brush (use a dry brush technique)
  6. Tips: Hold down areas as you paint so the stencil doesn’t move. Work in small sections as you go along! Have a paper towel for dabbing nearby and use as needed for quick clean ups.

Step 5

How to stencil a bulletin board

stenciling the cork on the bulletin board - close-up-of-stenciling-with-glorious-gold

Add paint then continue to change color without washing your brush if you want a tonal affect.

Step 6

Close up of stenciling with several colors to make a decorative bulletin board

  • When done with one section lift stencil up carefully and set down on next section to work on.
  • Make sure tape holds down stencil when moving on, and use your non painting hand to secure stencil when working on your cork board.
  • Repeat painting steps until done! 

Completed Stenciled Bulletin Board

Bulletin board ideas

  1. If you don’t have to use an old bulletin board. You can always grab a new Cork Bulletin Board  
  2. Typically cork tiles are 6 x 6 cork tiles and 12 x 12 cork tiles  It made it so easy! 
  3. Find more bulletin board ideas at Deco Art – This post was created for and originally published here Upcycled Bulletin Board Tutorial but, I decided to update it and share it with you.
  4. Bulletin boards are perfect for an office, back to school or even a command center or family room.
  5. Sammie used pretty push pins and hung her jewelry from this when she went to her online scheduling and using a day planner.

The great thing about this upcycle project is you can pick any type of stencil to create a pattern with, colors of paint to match your decor and hang it with Command Strips/Hooks or just by using metallic push pins

I hope this inspires you to try decorating a bulletin board or upcycle and make a decorative bulletin board. 

Where would you hang your bulletin board? 

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