DIY Unicorn Decoration for a Bedroom

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Today’s unicorn decoration is for a bedroom. But, has other uses too. It could be a party decoration or centerpiece for a baby shower. Or even made for a nursery. This fun craft was easy to make. I had my little granddaughter over for a week. She is over the moon about unicorns so I had an idea of upcycling a can with her to transform it into unicorn decor for her room. 

Since she is only 4 years old I had her paint, glue, and shake the glitter. For the rest of this fun DIY, she had to watch the unicorn magic happen. If you have older kids or teens this is definitely a unicorn idea they can make with help. This is an easy unicorn to make and can be a teen craft or tween craft if they are old enough to use a hot glue gun by themselves.

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Do you have a jar or can ready to be upcycled? Let’s get started making this fun idea, and unicorn decoration for a room.

Unicorn Decoration for a Bedroom

easy unicorn craft - decorated unicorn room decor - see how to make a unicorn with a can. DearCreatives.com 

You can make a girly unicorn, or a magical one. It’s up to you. And would definitely look cute as nursery room decor if you were creating a unicorn theme.

Let’s make this DIY unicorn room decor

Supplies for making unicorn decor -Unicorn DIY at DearCreatives.com

Supplies to make this unicorn craft

  1. A tall cookie can with a lid (empty, clean and dry) 
  2. Chalk Paint I used (Dixie Bell – Fluff). Or Chalk Paint (Folkart )
  3. Martha Stewart Glitter (or other glitters) But, these are my favorite glitter for crafting! 
  4. Mod Podge Glue
  5. Foam Brush’
  6. Card Stock Paper – (gold glitter) OR Plain Card Stock you glitter for ears and horn
  7. Faux Flowers 
  8. Felt for eyelids
  9. Trims (optional) Pom Pom Trims and Pink Mini Flowers
  10. Scissors and Fabric scissors
  11. Pencil 

unicorn jar with flowers - find how to and more unicorn diys at DearCreatives.com

 You might remember our other unicorn jar made from a jar? Unicorn Jar DIY 

Instructions for how to make a unicorn jar from a can

Step 1. 

Painted can with chalk paint for making unicorn room decor. DearCreatives.com

After cleaning the jar, make sure it’s dry. Then paint with chalk paint. (And mark with a line. See step 3)

NOTE: If you want the can to open and close paint the lid and bottom separately and only attach items to the top. You may need to sand a little if the lid sticks just where they line up. We are only using ours for display decor. 

Step 2. 

Step 2. Add felt to the bottom of the can after painting the can. DearCreatives.com

Trace a line around the bottom of the can, on the felt. Cut out a circle of felt and glue it to the bottom of the jar. (This will protect scratches on furniture) The project time will depend on the drying time of paint and glitter. Before you know it you will have this unicorn room idea finished and ready to display! 

Step 3. 

Step 3 After paint on can or jar is dry mark with a pencil a line and mod podge where you will glitter. of the unicorn craft. Full unicorn Instructions at DearCreatives.com

Mark a line around the can with a pencil. Or jar with an erasable marker. Mod Podge where you will apply glitter up to that line and to the bottom of the can or jar. This can easily be done by a child by using a foam brush dipped in the glue. Rotate can or stand it up to move glue around all sides. 

Step 4. 

Glittering a can for unicorn room decor for a girls room. Girly unicorn decor instructions and unicorn ideas at DearCreatives.com

Sprinkle your glitter on the can. Shake off excess glitter and let dry. 

Step 5. 

Second layer of glitter on can for unicorn room decor. See all steps and finished unicorn decor at DearCreatives.com

Add more Mod Podge and add a different color glitter. I sprinkled it on in a diagonal design, swirl or other design, or you can just sprinkle it on. It creates a rainbow, magical effect. Don’t worry if your glitter is a little off you can brush off (using a brush or damp paper towel) to even it out a little before it dries. When dried we adhere trims. Sprinkle glitter until you like the look. Shake off excess. (I save my excess glitter for kids crafts and brush it into a plastic bag.) 

Step 6.

Cut out unicorn horn and cut out unicorn ears to make the unicorn craft - room decor. DIY at DearCreatives.com

Cut out a unicorn horn and cut out unicorn ears. 2 of each cut, then glue them together. Glitter your horn (on both sides) if not using glitter card stock. I used this unicorn template for the horns and ears. I also used the template for the eyelids cut out in felt. I printed 2 one for my granddaughter to color and make. The template was a perfect size. 

  1. Add any touch-up glitter if needed. 
  2. Let dry a bit.
  3. Then Mod Podge over the all the glitter so it stays in place. DO NOT skip this step! It will keep the glitter from getting everywhere once done. 

Step 7. 

Begin to glue on the faux flowers to your can or jar. Unicorn DIY at DearCreatives.com

Heat up your glue gun if you haven’t already. It’s time to make the magical unicorn. Or should I say make the magic happen? If you want to add little circles of glitter for cheeks. My granddaughter wanted them purple. Who am I to question her unicorn choice? lol.

  1. Make a circle with glue and sprinkle onto cheeks. 
  2. Mark with a pencil where you will place felt cut out unicorn eyelids. 
  3. Begin to glue on faux flowers. Placing them around the top of the can lid. I marked and placed one flower halfway around to help with placement of the horn, and ears.

NOTE: Before you hot glue on all your faux flowers to the front of the can. Follow steps below. 

Step 8. 

How to decorate a can or jar for unicorn room decor. unicorn room ideas and instructions at DearCreatives.com

  1. Place and hot glue your unicorn horn to the center of the top of the can.
  2. Add the ears one to each side and glue on.
  3. Then hot glue on your faux flowers. 

DIY unicorn room decor

Step 8.

Cut out unicorn felt eyes or purchase them and add them to your unicorn can or jar with a hot glue gun or strong glue. Full instructions at DearCreatives.com

Cut out and glue on the felt unicorn eyelids. Then hot glue the trims in place.

Looking close up at the unicorn room decor. Find how to make this unicorn idea at DearCreatives.com

Here are a few close-ups of the front and back of the unicorn decor with trims of  Pom Pom Trims and Pink Mini Flowers

Close up of the back of the unicorn jar DIY grab how to instructions with images at DearCreatives.com


Use this for this project 

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  • unicorn party decorations

Unicorn Decoration for a bedroom - Make this unicorn idea. The unicorn craft comes with step by step instructions with images and is easy to make! Save it Now Or See it! DearCreatives.com #unicornideas #unicorndecorations #diyunicorn #unicornroomdecor

Tada! You are done with your unicorn decoration for a bedroom. Enjoy displaying your new unicorn! 

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